Local first responders sent to help with Gulf Coast storms

Photo courtesy of AMR
The Hemet, Palm Springs, and Riverside FEMA Team ready themselves for takeoff at the airport.
Photo courtesy of AMR
All’s quiet on the home front – for now. AMR has several area personnel and HFD has sent Capt. Eric Janert to help with storm relief efforts.

■ Chronicle News Service

On Aug. 25, AMR Riverside County sent an EMS Strike Team comprised of paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to Dallas, Texas to support evacuation and rescue operations in Houston and along the Gulf Coast in preparation and response to Hurricane Harvey. Three of the EMTs – Stacy Ballard, Michael Landry and John Quitigua – came from AMR’s Hemet Operation. They all returned to Hemet by Sept. 14 after being replaced by relief workers from other AMR areas.
On Sept. 9, AMR Hemet’s Matt Bañuelos joined another team from AMR Riverside County Emergency Medical Services to be deployed to Florida in preparation for and response to Hurricane Irma. Bañuelos and other team members will possibly be sent on to Puerto Rico for FEMA assignments as new storms continue to develop.
Hemet Fire Department is supporting the search component of the operation by assigning Capt. Eric Janert to the Riverside City Fire Department’s Task Force, said Hemet Fire Department Chief Scott Brown.
AMR teams participated in hospital and medical facility evacuations and augmented local EMS systems in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Gulf Coast. AMR has sent hundreds of EMTs and paramedics from all over the country to staff more than 200 ambulances in the region that is still ongoing. AMR is a FEMA contractor.

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