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raffic can be bad for your health and also bad for your car. According to a University of Surrey study published in Science Daily, pollution levels inside of cars were found to be 40 percent higher while sitting in traffic jams or at red lights compared to levels in free-flowing traffic. The World Health Organization considers interior car pollution one of the top 10 health risks faced by humans.

Health implications are not the only hazard posed by traffic jams. Stop-and-go traffic also takes its toll on vehicles. When idling, engine ventilation systems are at their weakest, warns Road and Travel. As a result, acidic combustion products and incompletely burned fuel in the engine can start to form engine deposits. Over time, such deposits may clog fuel injectors and interfere with the flow of fuel to the combustion chamber. Traffic can age vehicle engines and their braking systems. Using brake fluid and oils for extreme driving conditions may help prevent some damage. Avoiding rush hour is another way to improve personal health and safeguard the condition of the vehicle.

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