Five landscaping trends to enhance your yard this fall

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Outdoor lighting and custom fire pits enhance the beauty of one’s backyard and make nighttime entertaining more enjoyable.

■ Matt McPherson / Columnist

Now that fall is here families are spending more and more time in their yards while enjoying the weather and beautiful sunsets. A national trend toward the outdoors has caught the attention of many builders who are emphasizing the outdoor areas in many new developments and master-planned communities. Here are five very popular landscaping trends that can enhance your outdoor experience and add value to your property.

High-tech fire pits
For around 400,000 years, modern humans have gathered around the fire pit to socialize, and reflect upon the day, which created stronger bonds and provided a sense of tranquility. Fire pits today can be automated and programmed to turn on and off at certain times, controlled from the indoors, or with a smartphone.

Low-maintenance landscapes
Add more flowers, shrubs and trees to your landscapes, particularly chrysanthemums, boxwood, and maples – these are hardier and require less work and water. Locally here in the San Jacinto Valley, lantana, verbena, succulents and such desert plants as ocotillo and yucca are great low-maintenance additions that will create a beautiful backdrop to your yard.

Outdoor lighting
Homeowners are installing LED lighting along their walkways, not only for ambiance but for safety and security as well. A strategically planned lighting arrangement combined with the right foliage can create that “Disneyland feel” many look for in a master-planned landscape setting.

Natural-looking materials
The latest landscape materials mimic the look of real wood and natural stone without the associated maintenance. Make sure to coordinate the type of brick or rock with the colors and themes of your home, which will sometimes confuse the eye if not properly thought out. It’s always a great idea to consult with a landscape expert when planning a patio or walkway to get the right feng shui feel or vibe desired.

These are becoming a very popular trend among new builders and developers to appeal to the younger generations who spend considerable time outdoors. Interiorscapes – or indoor landscapes – are becoming more common as owners look to bring the outdoors inside.
These ideas plus many more can be seen on the DIY channels and the internet for those looking to add something special to their yard, while contributing to the equity and overall value of their homes. The city of San Jacinto has implemented many of these themes throughout the city’s suburban open areas, parks, and medians. Stay tuned in the months to come as you will see many of the following trends utilized throughout the valley as new construction begins.

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