Hispanic health concerns

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To remain healthy, Hispanics should work with doctors to identify illnesses that affect them at higher rates than other ethnicities.

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Health concerns affect people from all walks of life, and people who identify as Hispanic or Latino are no exception. Understanding the issues they might be predisposed to can help Hispanics improve their overall health and continue living happy, healthy lives.
Certain diseases and chronic conditions affect Hispanics in higher proportions than others. According to data from the National Health Interview Survey conducted by Pleis and Lethbridge-Cejku, Hispanics have a higher prevalence of diabetes than non-Hispanic whites. Also, the rate of overweight and obesity among Hispanic adults is higher than it is among other people, putting Hispanics at a higher risk for the development of various conditions linked to being overweight or obese.
According to the most recent reports from hospitals and other medical establishments, as noted in “A La Buena Salud — To Good Health!” from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading causes of disease among Hispanics are heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure, while the leading causes of death are cancer, heart disease and unintentional injuries. Historically, Hispanics in the United States have had less access to health services and utilize fewer preventative care services than other ethnic groups. However, as a greater percentage of Hispanics are now born in America instead of another country, many might be more likely to seek medical care when feeling sick.
Hispanics can work in conjunction with their doctors to remain informed on conditions that they may be at higher risk of contracting, such as diabetes, Barrett’s esophagus and obstructive sleep apnea. Remaining open to care and working in concert with the medical community can help keep millions of people in top health.

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