Jacob Wiens students send cards to hurricane-ravaged Houston school

Photo courtesy of HUSD
Students at Jacob Wiens Elementary in Hemet work diligently to create hopeful cards for students at Beverly Hills Intermediate School in Houston.

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Hurricane Harvey and Irma destroyed businesses, homes, and people’s sense of security. People across the country watched the storms unfold, and the Hemet Unified School District (HUSD) pondered what could be done to help those that had been affected. Some donated money, some donated clothes and food, but students at Jacob Wiens Elementary School took a different approach and sent heartfelt cards to students in Houston.
The first week of September, Jacob Wiens Principal Dana Childs-Mazzei was contacted by her cousin Delores. Delores told Dana that she had a friend, Lynn, who taught at Beverly Hills Intermediate School in Houston, who was starting a campaign to receive 1,000 cards that could be given to students on their first day of school, which was postponed due to Hurricane Harvey. Lynn wanted to make sure that students were given a hand-crafted card on their first day of school, Sept. 11, to help brighten their day and know that people cared about what had happened.
Teachers at Jacob Wiens rose to the occasion and helped students make cards for students in Houston. Staff was extremely impressed with how sensitive students were to those that were affected and the compassion they showed, according to Alex Sponheim, public information officer for HUSD. The cards displayed a variety of different messages such as, “I really hope you guys are safe and I also hope everything will change soon,” “Don’t give up the brighter days are coming soon,” “We believe in your strength,” and “I know you’re stronger than Harvey.”
“I am happy we were able to do this, because these students are going to remember this. This campaign allowed us to set a foundation for our students and how they can make a difference,” said Principal Childs-Mazzei.
The compassion showed by students and staff members at Jacob Wiens Elementary School undoubtedly brightened the day of the students at Beverly Hills Intermediate School.

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