Pandora’s Box – Part 2

A■ Emmett Campbell / Contributed
s expected, the bigots mentioned in my article about Trump opening Pandora’s Box are rearing their ugly heads, and also to be expected, devoid of any intelligent and sensible arguments in the debate, but instead replete with insults and obscenities typical of the mean spirited/low minded people that they are.
Much to my sorrow, Hemet is populated by too many of these thugs that mostly remain in the shadows pretending to be decent upstanding citizens, but who in reality in their perversity behave as ruffians that threaten the peaceful fabric of our community. The vociferous few speak for the hypocritical many, disguised as good citizens, in all walks of life, whose deception and intimidation should be of great concern to the really good people that live in this town.
For those who haven’t been paying attention to their surroundings, friends and relatives, my assertions may sound rather harsh but rest assured they’re true. Most residents go about life benumbed by their own daily regimen, permitting that evil men and women amble in our midst unhindered as they poison our human surroundings.
All that it took is for one man to fling his malicious prejudices front and center for millions of citizens of this great nation to feel they have been empowered to outwardly practice their biases.
How can that be in a God fearing nation – in a community where the majority of its residents go to church on a regular basis to hear about tolerance and diversity? How can we allow hatred and discrimination to reign over understanding and acceptance?
The despicable event a few weeks ago in Charlottesville reminiscent of some of the most shameful episodes in our history, demonstrated not only in that part of the country that racism is alive and well, but in view of the public reaction in other formerly more open-minded corners of the country, we now have a better idea of how far this disease has permeated.
We’re supposed to leave our children and grandchildren the teachings for a better world – not only from an environmental perspective but just as importantly from a moral standpoint. Our children are learning about diversity and tolerance in the schools, however no matter how important this influence may be, the lessons they learn at home will stay with them forever. Bigoted parents will necessarily engender bigoted sons and daughters.
No doubt many will be offended by my statements and respond with abuse and profanity, but I would encourage my critics to pause and reflect over what kind of world this would be for our descendants if we truly believed and practiced what is morally and ethically correct.

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