Rotary comedy night brings laughs to HHT

Photo courtesy of HHT
KFI radio personality Justin Worsham had the HHT audience rolling in the aisles with his humorous take on parenting.
Photo courtesy of HHT
JC Currais warmed up the crowd at the HHT in preparation for Justin Worsham’s routine.

■ By Susan Carrier / Contributed

Hemet Sunset Rotary held a fundraising comedy night at the Historic Hemet Theatre on Friday, Sept. 29 that was great fun and full of laughter.
Warming up the crowd was comedian JC Currais, cracking jokes about his misspent youth of drugs and drinking as well as a lot of humor about his large size and poor dietary habits. The crowd responded with groans, chuckles, and lots of laughter.
The main event came as Justin Worsham took the stage. Justin is a radio personality and polished comedian who performs across the country and has multiple comedy CDs to his credit.
“Paternally Challenged” is how Justin describes his life as a father of two young boys. And the audience loved his comedic descriptions of parenting difficulties. Across the auditorium couples elbowed each other and nodded their appreciation of Justin’s wickedly insightful humor, which obviously resonated with the crowd. Cuts from Justin’s albums can be heard daily on Blue Collar Radio, Laugh USA, and Raw Dawg on SiriusXM Satellite Radio.
The event raised funds for the club’s local community programs. President Curt Welshon is hopeful that the event could be the first in a series of Comedy Night events for the club. Hemet Sunset Rotary is a nonprofit serving the local community and funding projects around the world. The club meets at 5:30 p.m. every Wednesday evening at DVAC, 123 N. Harvard St. in Hemet.

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