LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – October 12, 2017

Media should stop publicizing mass violence

Dear Editor,

Satan, aka the devil aka evil, is alive and moving rapidly across the globe. This evil is very, very much alive in America.
The latest is the massacre shooting in Las Vegas. Is it really necessary that the media, including newspapers, continue coverage for days after? Are people so hungry to hear and read violence, some of which is repeated over and over again?
Yes, I skim over the newspaper articles; besides the comic page, opinions, and “Dear Abby,” there is little else to read in the Oct. 5 edition of The Press-Enterprise. But what really got my attention was the article about a new TV series that will zoom in on the San Bernardino shooting.
We wonder why there are so many mass shootings? With movies, constant coverage for days, and now a TV series, there are many people who know only evil. They want their name(s) to be known. They have no other belief, as in God.
Mass shootings are not the only act of violence being experienced today. Coverage is abundant regarding protests, so the racism card is pulled out at every opportunity. In many cases the “trump card,” aka racism, is played for any reason that can be thought up.
Perhaps if the media would cut the coverage down to the actual day of and day after violent occurrences, people’s nerves and anxiety would subside.
One last question, is it really important to investigate and speculate on why Stephen Paddock shot up Las Vegas? He’s deceased and nobody was there with him. We will never know the actual truth or his reasoning.

Nancy Eller, Hemet

God help Riverside County with Brown as sheriff

Dear Editor,

I was stunned by Rusty Strait’s interview with Hemet Police Chief Dave Brown. After 20 years on the job, six as head of a police department that saw Hemet degenerate into one of the most violent communities in the nation, Brown had a “realization” that his skills are now needed to protect the citizens of Riverside County.
All I can say is God help Riverside County.
Under Brown’s “leadership,” Hemet’s rapes, murders, non-negligent manslaughters, armed robberies and aggravated assaults have skyrocketed. Robberies are up 40 percent. Thefts are up 16 percent. Auto thefts are up more than 45 percent. Arson is up 150 percent. Rapes are up more than 100 percent. Murders doubled shortly after Brown became Police Chief and stayed high through 2015. Don’t believe me? Check for yourself: http://www.city-data.com/crime/crime-Hemet-California.html.
Under Brown’s “leadership” – which he audaciously equates to a general leading an Iraqi invasion – Hemet’s crime rate has jumped more than 56 percent compared to the rest of the country. Small wonder Brown scrambled for an answer when asked what accomplishments he could point to. “That my employees know I love them” was the best he could do.
It’s nice to know there was a love-fest going on at the Police Department while the city of Hemet burned, but that plus Brown’s abysmal record on crime in no way qualifies him for higher office (or even re-appointment as chief of police). Nor does it qualify him to use the word “leadership” to describe his tenure. If the voters of Riverside County are foolish enough to want their entire county to look like Hemet, good luck. But I’ve had my own “realization” in recent days. If Brown gets elected Riverside County Sheriff, I’m moving to Arizona.

Andrea Feodorov, Hemet

Mass shooters have an agenda to topple government

Dear Editor,

It seems these mass shooters have a pattern, and it doesn’t take a Ph.D. degree to see this. They often have no rap sheet, average or better finances, average intelligence and every killer, out of the blue about every three or four weeks, takes a gun or a bomb (such as in London) and murders several or many people (such as in Las Vegas) without apparent motive, and then kill themselves.
These killers do have a motive. Either they are radicalized ISIS, communists, or communist dupes. The FBI won’t or can’t say these attacks are Muslim-backed as it would make trouble for peaceful Muslim Americans. If these attackers are communists and you could find one that would admit to their agenda, they might say these shootings are necessary to further their plans to bring our country under complete control of socialism and eventual dictatorship. Does this sound “over the top?” Not a bit.
The FBI is well aware of communist plans. J. Edgar Hoover knew them well and he says it clearly in his book, “Masters of Deceit.” Also, I’d bet it’s just not these shooters and bombers doing these kinds of killings. There are other patterns about: deliberate hit-and-run, especially running down pedestrians; grand theft auto, then drive the vehicle into a building. These crimes are designed to keep average Americans anxious and unsettled. We are being manipulated and groomed to accept more government (federal) control over us.

John Beck, Hemet

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