Hemet goes live with expedited CCW program

Public/private partnership expects to reduce application processing time

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Hemet Police Chief Dave Brown outlined the city’s new expedited process for a carry concealed weapon program at the Oct. 24 City Council meeting. The program went live Oct. 25.

■ Mary Ann Morris / Editor

Hemet Police Chief Dave Brown presented an Expedited Carry Concealed Weapon License program to the Hemet City Council at the Oct. 24 meeting for review and comment. After answering several questions, Brown announced that the program would “go live” the following day.
According to Lt. Glen Brock, HPD’s public information officer, the department began to examine the feasibility of offering an expedited CCW licensing program to Hemet residents in mid-2017.
“Previously, Hemet residents interested in obtaining a CCW license were referred to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department through a joint agreement between the chief of police and the sheriff,” said Brock in a news release. “While examining the feasibility of offering a CCW license program through the Hemet Police Department, it was discovered that city residents were subjected to 18-22 month delays when applying for a CCW license through the Sheriff’s Department.”
According to sheriff’s officials, said Brock, the delay was due to a backlog of applications and staffing shortages within the department.
In an effort to better serve city residents, the Hemet Police Department will partner with a private vendor, MyCCW.us, to offer an expedited process that is expected to whittle the average start-to-finish processing time down to three to four months instead of the typical 18-22 months. Additionally, this expedited process is expected to help reduce the workload for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.
“We want to ensure that Hemet residents have access to a fair and timely process to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon,” said Hemet Police Chief Dave Brown.
The Hemet Police Department Expedited Carry Concealed License Program is available to Hemet residents over the age of 21. More information on this program is available at MyCCW.us or visit the Hemet Police Department website at www.hemetpolice.org. This expedited service is being offered as a courtesy for city residents, who can still utilize the CCW license process offered by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department if they prefer.
Contact Lt. Glen Brock at gbrock@cityofhemet.org with any questions regarding the Hemet Police Department’s Expedited Carry Concealed Weapons License Program.

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