A glimpse of God’s gifts in my backyard

The snowy egret is a winter guest to the San Jacinto Valley during the winter months.

■ Evelyn Meyer / Contributed

After arising early in the morning and waiting for the coffee to brew, I often walk out on the patio and have a little visit with God. The air is fresh. It is calm and peaceful with a few bright stars still shining. Two owls are talking to one another in owl language. Looking over to the tree-lined mountains, a small cloud is lazily moving out of the area. A ray of dawn to God’s creation opens my heart with a prayer of thanksgiving for his numerous gifts.
One day my good neighbor called. “Evelyn, you have company in your backyard.”
Sure enough! A beautiful white egret, standing on her long, hat-pin legs, graced the area. I quietly stepped out on the patio. She glanced my way. Her “S” shaped neck, now stretched high, accentuated an air of sophistication. She strolled one hesitant step after another across the yard…paused briefly at the fountain, and watched the water flow over the rocks. Perhaps she spied a tiny lizard among the rocks and thought it would make a good lunch. Instead, she continued slowly, step by step until reaching the other end of the yard. Gorgeous Miss Egret hesitated and looked back at me. I thanked her for coming and invited her to come back. Spreading her massive wings wide, she flew over to my neighbor’s yard.
The egret’s home is near a pond on the tenth fairway of the golf course, about 40 yards from our homes. To my knowledge, this is her first visit into our yards. Maybe the quiet elegant egret wanted to get away from the noisy ducks that fly down from the north to our warmer climes every winter. So far, this year, the northern ducks have not arrived. Many of the residents enjoy watching the ducks play follow-the-leader early in the morning on a treasure hunt for food.
Last week a roadrunner stopped briefly in my backyard. Roadrunners live up to their name. They don’t mosey along like an egret. He put his scissor-legs into high gear and sped away. It is the first roadrunner I have seen in this area. Lord, if you have a mate for him, we would be grateful…and I believe he would be grateful, too.
Just a reminder, God, we have more than enough gophers. They are proficient at propagating. I believe it would serve your people well if you would cut off the supply of gophers.
The picturesque skies, egrets, roadrunners, ducks and my good neighbors are all gifts from you, Dear Lord. Thank you so very much. Should I include the gophers? I don’t think so…they ate my rhubarb.

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