San Jacinto’s Jack Warneke, 85, runs circles around competition

Local representatives of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World participated in the 40th Annual Mission Inn Run fundraiser in Riverside Nov. 12. Congrats go to 85-year-old San Jacinto historian Jack Warneke who placed first in his age group in the 5K run. Meanwhile, the rest of the Golden Era Productions Truth About Drugs Running Team had a blast hoofing it from Market Street through Riverside’s historic parks and byways back to Mission Inn Avenue. In addition to Warneke, the team (pictured) includes Vince Bernal, Alisson Clarke, Johan Ohlsson, Linda Sukkestad, Greg Johnston, Ben Sproule, Wilson Equez and Nancy Johnston. The event has support from dozens of local organizations and 4,000 runners. It benefits the Mission Inn Foundation, which promotes the cultural heritage of the Mission Inn and Inland Empire.

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