“I Can Dream”

By Rob Lindquist

I don’t know why
“I’ll Get By”
Always makes me cry,
Although I wasn’t there
When the War was on
And the boys were gone;
As “If I Didn’t Care?”

How great was their love?
How’d they sing so good?
What was it that they done;
The Ink Spots in the light
As deep with soul as night,
‘Guitar on the right,
Keys played sweet and light,
Voices outta sight;
As “If I didn’t care for you?”
And say… “what good IS a song
If the words just don’t belong
And a dream is not a dream
for two?”

‘Talkin’ here of dreams.
Who’s to tell me now
That love birds never cry,
That nightingales
Can’t sing,
A mockingbird can’t bring me
Music anyhow?

I’m aware!
I’ll swear my life’s a sad affair
When love songs fill the air
And melt my heart.

Couldn’t I just up an’ fly
Under that starry sky,
With the moonlight standin’ by
While embers fade and die;
To stand there in that crowd;
Catch a big band down and loud
Or hear the “Sisters” sigh.
Guess I’m a crazy kind a’ guy;
Can’t reach them, but I’ll try;
Cause I can; dream… Can’t I?

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