Fire! Be alert, be ready to leave, be watchful of others

Melissa Diaz Hernandez/The Valley Chronicle
It could happen here, so be prepared to evacuate in an emergency.

■ Scott Brown / Hemet Fire Chief

This past week has been a significantly busy period for your Hemet Fire Department. During this period, we have managed several small brush fires, structure fires, and emergency medical calls totaling more than 100 service. Additionally, our personnel are on the front lines of the Thomas Fire in Ventura County. Within the past few days, our firefighters responded to our neighbors in Murrieta as a wildfire threatened lives and property.
In our city, our firefighters have kept the fires small, ranging from 5–12 acres. This was accomplished with the assistance of neighboring fire agencies thru mutual aid, the same system that takes us to Ventura to assist in their firefighting efforts. Firefighters have been successful in saving lives and property.
Statewide, and here in our Valley, fire conditions remain at critical levels. I encourage our residents to be prepared. Be Ready, Get Set and when told to leave—GO! You will not win should a wildfire arrive at your doorstep.
If you see suspicious activity in fire-prone areas, report it immediately by calling 911. Additionally, Simpson Park will remain closed until further notice due to hazardous fire conditions. Current fire weather conditions—erratic winds and very low humidity—are expected to remain for the next 5–10 days and will continue to create hazardous conditions. I am very proud of our firefighters. Through their efforts and commitment, we will get through this together!
Please call us at 951-765-2450 with your questions, and feel free to call me personally with your concerns at 951-229-5862.

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