LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – December 14th, 2017

Lack of parade etiquette troubling

Dear Editor,

My wife and I want to commend the parade committee for assembling a numerous and varied group of participants. We were amazed that apparently about 90 percent of the onlookers had no understanding of the American tradition of standing at attention with hat over the heart as the American flag passed by.


Eugene Stock, Hemet

The spirit of Christmas

Dear Editor,

An avid adolescent advocate of a different persuasion  derided me for being “a liberal Democrat, just to the left of Nancy Pelosi.”  Guilty as charged!
Who am I? I am a female retiree, a proud great grandmother (with requisite photos and full bragging rights), a believer in Christ, a homeowner, a taxpayer, and a voting citizen; I have voted in all eighteen presidential elections since FDR, about the same number of times for each political party. As old age looms, I am ever more interested in events occurring in my country and in my world.
When people call me a leftist and a liberal, I’m really starting to take pride in it. Being a liberal means I care more about other people than for my bank account. Being a leftist means I support human rights, and I accept science and statistics instead of denying the obvious, and scorning learned scholars.
It means I’m educated, a critical thinker, and a proponent for change to end society’s ills. I accept people as they are, whatever their social, educational or financial status, race, color, creed, or life style.
When we disagree, can we do so calmly? Everyone has the right to be mistaken from time to time. I give others the benefit of the doubt; I prefer to settle differences by tact and civilized discussion rather than by violence and character assassination. Kindness and consideration go a long way in problem solving.  Blame, derision and defamation only exacerbate problems, either personal or political.
Jesus, whose birth we celebrate this month, did not categorize and classify our faults on a scale of one to ten, or from bad to worse; he was an equal-opportunity lover of people; he condemned no one; he never advocated revenge and retaliation. He tried instead to uplift and encourage, heal or feed and forgive all he met. He communed with the rulers, the rich, the poor, the old, the children, the broken, the outcasts, and all without scorn or condemnation.  He respected all people — men, women and children.  But he was too liberal for the ultra-conservative religionists; he remained liberal and loving, even as they killed him. Let us aspire to greater liberality, compassion, and simple human kindness, just as he taught us to do.
All of us are created by the same Creator, and all of us are valuable in His sight. (He might have been partial to fat people, since He made so many of us.) Who among us has been appointed to denigrate, excoriate or eviscerate any one?  Perhaps we should look instead for the God-spark in every one,  the source of human dignity.
Being called a liberal is not a bad thing.  It is the highest compliment anyone could hope for, as we understand how the world works and want to change it for the better.

Helen Odum Harrell, Hemet

Promoting the good alongside the unfortunate

Dear Editor,

Please squeeze in some or all of the below in every newspaper issue next to the “unfortunate stuff:”
“This is a wonderful place to visit, raise a family, or retire. We are a tight-knit and proud community. People come to Hemet and San Jacinto from around California, even around the world, for events like the Ramona Pageant. We have attractive places like The Diamond Valley Lake, the Soboba Country Club and soon-to-expand Soboba Casino Resort.”- Eric Buskirk, Publisher, The Valley Chronicle, as printed in a recent subscription renewal letter that was mailed to current and past subscribers.

Heather MacDonald.

Chief of Police Dave Brown is really quitting

Dear Editor,

On December 14, Dave Brown will say goodbye as Hemet Chief of Police and he’s celebrating this momentous event at a local restaurant.  Two good things can be said about this affair:  the first is that Dave Brown is leaving and second is that the hard working owners and staff of this local restaurant will be making a substantial sale, assuming there’s a lot of people wanting to say farewell to this unremarkable policeman.
The question now is where is Dave Brown going from here?  Surely nobody believes that he has any possibility of competing for county Sheriff as he has announced and if he does compete that he has any chance of winning.
In my opinion, Dave Brown has been setting up a safety net for some time with the collusion of his accomplices in and out of government.   Dave Brown, who hand in hand with Rob Webb, the incoming Chief of Police, has attained for the city of Hemet the highly unexceptional number 16 in crime among 482 municipalities in California, really, really low, according to FBI/UCR statistics, will be next in a long list of city managers.  And why not?  Brown has been the interim city manager for a total of a few days over his tenure as police chief, which well qualifies him to run the second worst managed city in the State, according to the State Auditor’s office.
In view of the horrific turnover in the office of city manager in the last few years, the question here is, does the Mayor and City Council need a made to order city manager that is willing to participate and indeed hide the shenanigans and dishonest goings on in city government and the Measure U oversight committee, and someone eager to allow without objection every shady deal required of him?
The answer, of course is yes.  Dave Brown is a member in good standing of the ‘good old boys’ network, alive and well here in Hemet – a group of individuals belonging to the public and private sectors, whose personal and collective interests are far removed from those of the rank and file – accustomed to manipulating a weak and corrupt city council in the knowledge that voters in their apathy and indifference will believe their lies.
Dave Brown lacks the qualifications required of a city manager that a few days in the interim position cannot provide.  Unfortunately any honest and ethical professional qualified in this field that values his/her reputation, will probably not accept an offer for this job where the likelihood of failure is guaranteed.

Gray Wilkins,

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