LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – December 21, 2017

Less Democrats and more Conservatives

Dear Editor,

Congratulations on this week’s op-ed titled “California taxpayers aren’t thankful for much, etc.”
It is hard to believe what Sacramento is doing to the middle class in the state. We need to replace about half of the Democrats in the legislature with Conservatives before the state follows Illinois and New York too far toward bankruptcy.

Ken Wolfe, Hemet

Jesus was liberal?

Dear Editor,

I read with interest the Letter to the Editor last week contending that Jesus was liberal. Turns out every good deed and every wholesome characteristic is a liberal trait. I never knew that. My bad, as the kids today would say.
But there’s an old saying: “No matter how thin the pancake, there are always two sides.” Good thing too, as I always thought that Jesus was conservative! Why is that? Well, for starters, we know that Jesus loved life. All life. Even unborn life. Conservatives are the hands-down protectors of the unborn in today’s culture. Jeremiah 1:5 in the Bible teaches that before we are even born God knows us. These unborn persons have zero protection from liberals.
Conservatives are pro-marriage and work towards keeping the family unit healthy and intact. Genesis tells us that God created mankind: male and female. Period. Marriage between a man and a women originated in the garden with Adam and Eve. Yikes – another great conservative value!
And just one last thing – reading the Bible one finds that Jesus was a fabulous communicator! No matter what the topic, you just don’t ever see Him shutting people down – He was a true lover of free speech and free thought. Ahh – still more conservative values!
I think in the end, seeing that most people love pancakes, we should probably just say that Jesus was truly amazing, died to give us salvation, and given the choice, probably wouldn’t identify Himself as liberal or conservative. He would probably just say that He is Lord, loves all people and leave it at that.

Susan Beckett, Hemet

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