Man pleads guilty to child abuse in biting case

Mother pleads with judge to send her ex to prison

Rusty Strait/The Valley Chronicle
Jonathan Trevor Montgomery awaits sentencing in Banning Superior Court on child abuse charges.

■ Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter

A former Hemet resident arrested by Hemet police last March for suspicion of child abuse pleaded guilty Dec. 14 to all charges and was sentenced to four years’ probation.
Jonathon Trevor Montgomery, 24, from Hemet, was arrested last March 30 by Hemet Police for alleged child abuse. The Riverside County District Attorney’s office brought formal charges in August alleging violations of two sections of the state’s penal code.
On Nov. 27, Montgomery rejected an offered plea bargain of 30 days in county jail. The matter was continued to Dec. 14. At a hearing in Banning Courtroom B-304, Montgomery pleaded guilty to all counts, including the act of physically biting his 22-month-old son 13 times to teach him not to bite others.
Following an emotional plea by the child’s mother in which she asked that the father be given a prison sentence, the judge instead sentenced Montgomery to four years’ probation that included one year of parent training. He also issued restraining orders against him.
From the bench, the judge delivered a harsh admonishment to the young man in which he stated that in a civilized society, “That is no way to punish a child.” He further warned that if Montgomery in any way violated his probation, “You will be locked up. There will be no bargaining.”

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