A “Metamorphosis”

■ By Rob Lindquist

I’ve been a slave to me, I must confess;
I love to turn my heart toward happiness
And selfishly avoid those dark constraints
That cast upon my nature harsh restraint.

I might have been as saintly through and through
As any in the Bible ever knew.
In truth it was my passion at the start,
Until the love of life consumed my heart.

And now as four score years approach,
The thought of feeling guilty gets my goat.
How far below the firmament I’d be
If fear and judgment got a hold of me!

I really am quite glad of what I’ve done;
Of opting when I can for something fun;
For diving into purple dreams so sweet,
That rise from out old vision’s fond retreat.

And stars upon their courses guide me on
As sunset takes the place of distant dawn.
They raise their lamps to light the Milky Way
And turn my glistening eyes from yesterday.

The wisest minions make this wisdom’s rule,
That memories exist to taunt the fool.
I let time lure me back into its grasp,
Into the dust from my most sacred past.

I stop along my path to try anew
What God’s most precious youngsters love to do.
I make it my religion every hour
To catch and turn a smile or smell a flower

Each morning breaks the bond of all that’s past;
Each evening finds me freer than the last.
I’m learning now to celebrate each day
So thankful that my past has flown away

This doesn’t mean I give up all I know;
I just elect to let my spirit grow.
I open wide its door with no regret,
And fill my heart anew when I forget.

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