LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – January 4th, 2018

Delay and postpone

1. Delay and postpone. Put a measure on the November 2018 ballot to let the voters decide to take over Florida and not build any medians. Maybe the voters have chutzpah, maybe they will say it is worth it to have local control over Florida and not give it to the state crooks. At the very least, it pushes the issue back giving you more time to FIGHT!
2. Delay and postpone. The bills are over in the legislature for now, have someone like Melendez sponsor a bill that removes Florida from the Route 79 designation, no more medians.
3. Delay and postpone. Propose that Devonshire become the new Route 79, no one cares if there is a median on that and there is no big history of accidents so it couldn’t be justified for another ten years.
4. Delay and postpone. File a LAWSUIT in Superior Court, that is cheap enough, that Caltrans has not justified the disruption that the medians will bring. File a LAWSUIT that emergency FIRE and POLICE vehicles have not been fully considered when building the medians.
5. Delay and postpone. File a LAWSUIT in Superior Court against Mr. Dumb and Mr. Dumber that they have not been responsive to the needs of the citizens of Hemet and demand that they be replaced. When an EMT at the traffic meeting said the medians would harm emergency traffic, Mr. Dumb said nothing about that and wanted to talk about landscaping now. When another attendee mentioned right turn only lanes instead of a median, there was no response, the only thing that matters to these two incompetent people is building medians. They may have engineering degrees but no qualifications to deal with a city.
6. Delay and postpone. File a LAWSUIT in Superior Court that it is unacceptable to have dangerous medians in Hemet that cause cars to go out of alignment. Just drive down Sanderson below Florida and see how many black tire marks there are on the Sanderson medians from people who never saw the median at night. By allowing medians you are asking for thousands of people to crash into unseen medians and then need to take their cars in for realignment and the City of Hemet should reasonably be liable for that bill.
7. Delay and postpone. File a LAWSUIT in Superior Court that the medians are unacceptable without a 36 inch tall one foot by one foot reflector every three feet. What did Mr. Dumb say at the traffic meeting you didn’t attend when I mentioned all the black tire marks on the medians? “Caltrans doesn’t paint medians,” well no, they would rather you crash your car in the dark and have you pay to have your car tires aligned.
8. Delay and postpone. File a LAWSUIT in Superior Court that ONLY right turn lanes will be safe in Hemet and show them pictures of Lowes.
9. Delay and postpone. File a LAWSUIT in Superior Court that plain dark concrete medians are unacceptable and it is the DUTY of Caltrans to maintain any landscaping they do. It is not the job of Hemet citizens to pay for HWY 79 trees and plants.
10. Delay and postpone. File a LAWSUIT in Superior Court over ANY other issue. Mr. Dumb and Mr. Dumber are NOT prepared for a court fight with the City of Hemet, Caltrans is ill prepared for a court fight, they expect you to lie down and accept defeat.
There is so, SO, much all of you could do instead of lying down like defeated homeless beggars.


Bracha Sarah Meyerowitcz


Dear Editor,

So the Democrats are thinking and saying that President Trump hasn’t accomplished anything this year. Really? So who/why/when/how are they making more money on Wall Street? Explain that to us Americans.

The more they talk and complain the more they are acting like the Democratic mascot.

Nancy Eller

The five member Hemet City council

Dear Editor,

Collusion, voter fraud, election rigging, misplaced documents? — it never stops.
And no, I’m not referring to national or state elections; I’m referring to the five member Hemet City council. Why should they expect that we would have confidence in their oversight of important matters of governance when they can’t conduct a simple, uncomplicated vote for one replacement on a committee?

Ralph M. Petersen

Should the community have a say-so over who is mayor?

Dear Editor,

For the question of the week, “Should the community have a say-so over who is mayor?” We don’t believe the people should vote if the mayor and the Mayor Pro Tem do not hold extraordinary powers. Only the five people individually know if this is a good time for them to be Mayor. The community is not aware of any extenuating circumstances for each council member to prevent them from being Mayor. Thank you for the thought provoking weekly questions. Thank you for the most informative articles on our community.


Sue Savage

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