Local photojournalist helps shooting victim until first responders arrive

Suspect accused of three counts of attempted murder New Year’s Day

Miguel Shannon / Facebook
Local photojournalist Miguel Shannon (pictured), responded to a shooting after hearing gunshots, then assisted the bleeding victim until police and paramedics arrived.

■ Kyle Selby / Reporter

A New Year’s Day shooting at a Florida Avenue convenience store in Hemet left a woman wounded but brought out the best from a brave local photojournalist who administered first aid until help arrived.
Photojournalist, Miguel Shannon, arrived on the scene after hearing gunshots at the Circle K in the 600 block of W. Florida Avenue around 4:55 a.m., New Year’s Day.
Shannon headed toward – instead of away – from the fracas and found 35-year-old Michelle Hill with gunshot wounds to her upper body.
“I got my gloves from my vehicle, ran back to her, and applied pressure on her wound to try to save her life,” Shannon said in an interview with NBC 4 News.
Shannon says he stayed with the victim until Hemet Fire and AMR were on scene.
Not long after, Hemet police arrested 39-year-old Hemet resident Kevin Carter, for investigation of three counts of attempted murder.
Followed by a series of gunshots, nearby surveillance footage caught Carter walking away from the scene, still armed, according to authorities.

Photo courtesy of Hemet Police Department
Police arrested 39-year-old Kevin Carter Jan. 1 on suspicion of three counts of attempted murder.
NBC 4 News
Michelle Hill, 35, suffered gunshot wounds in her torso before being discovered by Miguel Shannon, a local photojournalist. Hill and her alleged assailant Carter are married and have a young son.

One Hemet officer soon spotted Carter near Latham Avenue and attempted to apprehend him.Carter, however, opened fire on the officer, who had a ride-along in the vehicle, and bullets nearly struck nearby pedestrians, according to police reports. Authorities say the officer did not fire back.

The officer immediately called for backup, and Hemet Police conducted a neighborhood sweep, eventually finding Carter hiding in a nearby yard with his discarded handgun just a couple-hundred yards away.
“I guess he couldn’t take that they weren’t together anymore,” said Wynetta Pennington, the victim’s mother. “‘I really want him to pay for it, because she’s been nothing but good to him.”


Hill and Carter were married but had recently separated due to Carter’s alleged drug addiction, according to relatives . The two have a young son together, and Hill was trying to make their relationship work for the child’s sake, according to the mother.

Pennington also told NBC 4 News that Hill “should be OK,” and is recovering.
“I really hope she survives the incident,” Shannon later wrote on his Facebook page.
Nobody else was seriously hurt during Carter’s shooting spree. He is now in Riverside County Jail, facing three counts of attempted murder.
If anyone has any informationw on this case, please contact Detective Matthew Gomez at (951)765-2422.

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