Tips for taking care of your winter wardrobe

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Use these simple tips to help preserve your winter wardrobe.

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It’s time to find that box marked “winter” at the back of your closet and rediscover all of your favorite layered looks. But, it’s important that you know how to treat your winter wardrobe so each piece stays comfy, stylish and warm throughout the season.

Get organized
It may be tempting to unpack items as needed. However, you may find it’s suddenly spring again and some of your favorite scarves and sweaters went the whole winter unworn at the bottom of the box. Commit to a full closet revamp, devoting time to unpacking and analyzing each item. After months of being folded, many pieces might not look, feel or smell their best. Refresh these items so they are ready to wear. You can now do this at home instead of at the dry cleaner, by tossing up to five items in the dryer for just 15-30 minutes using the Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaning kit. This new method will save you time during your closet swap, and money throughout the season, as you can use it to preserve your favorite pieces without expensive and inconvenient trips to the dry cleaner.

To keep or not to keep
Is it time to get rid of those pieces that never seem to make it off the hanger? Fashion and lifestyle blogger Sarah Gleeson of SG Style Me is quick to share a few things to keep an eye out for when deciding what to get rid of, including items you got for free or very cheap. Just because it was a good deal, doesn’t mean it’s a good fashion piece, she stresses. Say goodbye to the trends you once collected and have since moved past. We’ve all been through style phases, and it’s ok to see them end. Pull out anything with tags still attached. This is a definite sign that purchasing that item was a moment of retail weakness, and not a fashion must-have, says Gleeson.
If you find yourself heartbroken having to part ways with a fashion favorite because of a stubborn stain, don’t lose hope. Secret weapons exist to keep star pieces looking brand new season after season, such as the Dryel stain remover pen, which is safe on delicate fabrics and effectively removes spots and stains — even those from last season.

Know your fabrics
After your closet is organized, stay on top of wardrobe care. Among cashmeres, wools, velvets, and more, high-maintenance fabrics are likely more prominent in your winter wardrobe than other seasons. Read tags for what can and can’t be washed normally. To safely and easily care for delicate items, keep an at-home dry cleaning kit on-hand, to clean clothes in the convenience of your dryer for a fraction of the cost of a professional dry cleaner, without stretching fading or shrinking.
Keep sweaters, jeans and scarves bright, fitted and functional. That way, when it’s time to pack up the box again, you can look forward to feeling just as great in your favorite pieces next year.

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