LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – January 11, 2018

America will once again protect life

In the next couple of weeks, in cities all across America, pro-life people will gather and the Voice for Life will be heard from coast to coast.  These have been annual events since 1973 when Roe v. Wade opened the door to abortion on demand.  Hundreds of thousands gather in the bitter cold of Washington, D. C. and tens of thousands gather in San Francisco.  In between are small cities like ours who will also hold a RALLY AND WALK FOR LIFE.  On Saturday, Jan. 20, we will gather at Gibbel Park at 10 a.m. to mourn and remember the 60 million babies who have died by choice since 1973.
Following the Rally, each person is invited to pick up a small white cross and carry it to our Cemetery of the Innocent at Prince of Peace Church on Sanderson/Menlo.  3000 crosses are placed in the Cemetery of the Innocent, one for each baby who dies by abortion each day in the U. S.  The community is invited to join together on this day to reaffirm their commitment to life and to work for that day when America will once again protect life from conception to natural death.


Ann Walsh, Hemet

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