Man found dead in a Hemet motel room

HPD says foul play isn’t suspected

Photo by Kyle Selby / The Valley Chronicle
A guest described as an older man was found deceased in this room at Florida Inn motel in Hemet.

■ Kyle Selby / Reporter

On Tuesday, Jan. 9 at around 12:45 p.m., Hemet police responded to a call at Florida Inn at 1111 W. Florida Ave, where a body had reportedly been found in one of the motel rooms, with “blood everywhere.”
“A person passed away,” a Hemet police officer said on scene. He clarified that the reported “blood” was actually feces. The officer said there was not much more information he knew beyond that, although he had told another officer that he didn’t recognize any indications of foul play.
“For two or three days, we didn’t see him, so we knocked [on his door] for cleaning service,” explained “Casey,” one of the managers at the motel. He said after knocking four or five times and shouting into Room 109 where the guest was staying, he heard no response. After Casey unlocked the room, he said it appeared to have been deserted.
“I saw that the bathroom door was closed.” That’s where Casey found the guest lying on the floor in what looked like a puddle of blood. Panicked, he called 9-1-1.
According to Casey, the guest was 75-years-old male, and a San Jacinto resident.
Both Casey and another guest said that the man had been staying at the motel for over a month, and a friend of his would regularly stop by to check up on him and bring him food. Casey said he noticed that he had appeared sick the last time he saw him, but was not so bad as to be a cause for concern.
“He was a regular, good guy,” Casey said, dismissing any suspicious behavior. “We didn’t see anything weird.”
At press time, the cause of death of the man was still under investigation, according to the Riverside County Coroner.

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Florida Inn is located at 1111 W. Florida Ave. in Hemet.

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