Winter storm drops 3 inches of rain on Hemet

It’s all good as area drinks up much needed moisture

Photo by Chris Smith/The Valley Chronicle
Driving was a bit hazardous Tuesday as the storm, which left three inches of needed rain in the Hemet/San Jacinto area, filled street gutters and intersections with water. While there was flooding in Riverside, few serious problems arose in Hemet as the rain was spread out over a 24-hour period.

■ Staff Report / the valley chronicle

Hemet and San Jacinto residents braved a storm this week that left more than three inches of rain on the ground and saw temperatures drop into the low 40s by early Wednesday. The rain started falling Monday night and continued coming down until about 7 p.m. Tuesday with the heaviest rainfall occurring early Tuesday morning and again late Tuesday afternoon. While street gutters were filled to the brim and intersections were deep for anyone without a truck, serious flooding was avoided since the rain came down in a slow, steady pattern. One transformer was seen blowing out in San Jacinto, but no widespread power outages were reported. The weekend forecast is for mostly sunny skies and temperatures back into the mid-70s.

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