Sign up for the Ramona play this Saturday

■ Ramona Bowl / Contributed

Be part of the 95th season of California’s Official Outdoor play by signing up this Saturday, Jan. 20, at 9 a.m. at the Ramona Bowl.

Acting parts are open for Rancho Children, Village Children, Rock Indians, Atmosphere and others. If acting isn’t for you, there are opportunities to help behind the scenes. The pageant always needs ushers and people savvy with technical skills.

There is no charge to be in any part of the play, as the costumes, wigs, and makeup are all provided. Rehearsals are usually limited to weekends. For more information, call 951 658 3111.

Photos by Jolynne Aszterbaum
Another young girl as a Rancho Child.
Young children can be apart of the show. The girl pictured is playing a Rancho Child.
Three young children as Red Tail Spirit dancers.

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