SJUSD spells victory

San Jacinto School District held its annual Spelling Bee last Wednesday, with Hope Edwards advancing to the County bee

Photo by Corey Evan/The Valley Chronicle
Left to right: Hope Edwards, Yvette Vargas, Precious Edwards.

■ Corey Evan / Reporter

As you read The Valley Chronicle each week, you may have noticed how much time we spend trying to spell everything correctly. San Jacinto Unified School district showed us on Wednesday January 10th, that they try hard to follow our example.
That evening saw their annual District Spelling Bee take place at the San Jacinto Unified School District Office. 20 students participated in this year’s Bee, two from each of SJUSD’s K-8 sites, ranging from 4th through 8th grade. Their families were also gathered, each anxiously watching to see if their spelling ‘wiz’ would end up whizzing on over to Moreno Valley for the County-wide Spelling Bee. The event even featured a bee mascot, something SJUSD claims Hemet’s Bee doesn’t have. Bee Coordinator and former Bee Master, Monica Trousdale, is impressed with the prep these kids put into this year’s Bee. “These kids are really diligent about studying their words,” said Trousdale. “They take it very seriously.”
This year’s Bee proved challenging for those participating; 13 participants were eliminated in the first round alone, despite a successful practice round for all of them. By the third round, there was one boy up against five girls. But at the end of the round, this bee would become a ladies night.
After an intense 19-round bee, the final results were as follows:
Third place trophy went to 5th grader Precious Edwards, from San Jacinto Elementary. “I love my mom, dad, brother and sister,” said Edwards. “My favorite subjects are math and reading. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends. I would like to become a nurse when I grow up.”
The second place cup would be clenched by 7th grader Yvette Vargas, from San Jacinto Leadership Academy. “My favorite subject in school is math,” said Vargas, after her win. “I love to play basketball, tennis and ping-pong. I also love to play video games, especially Guitar Hero and the 1989 Tetris game. When I am older I would like to be an architect.”
Taking top honors, the big trophy and the county spot was Precious’ sister, 6th grader Hope Edwards, also from SJLA. “I have two cats and their names are Munchkin and Misty,” she said. “My favorite subject in school is Math. I also enjoy playing the piano and sports, reading and shopping. When I am older I would like to become an AirForce Officer.” Edwards’ winning word? “Q-U-I-C-H-E.” Tasty!
So what kind of spelling words does an aspiring Officer hope to get in March? “Easy ones,” Edwards says. But only time will tell if she does. From County, the winner will take on their statewide and hopefully nationwide counterparts. But for now, let’s send Hope some hopeful vibes when she heads to the County-wide Spelling Bee on Feb. 28, 9 a.m. at 14075 Frederick Street, Moreno Valley.

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