LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – January 25, 2018

Enough already

Dear Editor,

President Trump does make it difficult for those of us who voted for him to defend him at times, but enough already with this ongoing discussion about the vulgarity used recently. He is not the first President to do so nor will he be the last. How many of you/us have not uttered a vulgarity or profanity in a moment of anger or frustration?
Trump was not a Politician–one of the reasons we voted for him. He speaks off the cuff frequently, much to our dismay sometimes, and he is not used to having every word scrutinized. We have not heard or read one word decrying the vulgar and disgusting words protesters use on some of their signs. We do wish this president had Ronald Reagan’s grace and diplomacy.
However, he loves America, (unlike Michelle Obama who was only proud of America after her husband was running for office) and is doing what he promised–putting America first–trying to keep America and Americans safe. We do wish he would tone down and reduce his tweets. Yes, we know the inscription on our Statue of Liberty: “give us your tired, poor, huddled masses…” However, we also have immigration laws, and we don’t consider that to be hypocritical!
Enough too with the sexual harassment charges and accusations against celebrities. If you allowed it and did nothing about it, shame on you. Actually, shame on the victim and the perp. We do not see any real value in reporting these disgusting deeds 20, 30 or more years after the fact, ruining lives unless it is ongoing and others are continuing to be harassed. Thankfully, women and children are no longer permitting this behavior and are reporting it quickly.

Wray and Bonnie Kopplin, San Jacinto

Sadly, Hemet gets no respect from California state

Dear Editor,

Sadly, Hemet gets no respect from California state because of Hemet City Council’s poor decisions. It is why Hemet is under investigation by the state.
Hemet does not own Florida Avenue. Florida Avenue is owned by the State of California. It is a California State Highway–specifically, California State Highway 74. It is why Caltrans has complete say-so over Florida Avenue.
A letter from Hemet Mayor Michael Perciful proposing Hemet take ownership of Florida Avenue was sent to California State Governor. One has to wonder if the lack of respect Hemet City Council gets from everybody will impact the State of California’s response.
Nowhere did Hemet City Council offer to comply with the multiple outstanding people and fiscal management issues presented by the state. Instead, Hemet asked to become the owner of Florida Avenue. The state’s response says it all. Before the state gives up Florida Avenue to Hemet, “a plan to bring Florida Avenue up to Caltrans standards must be in place.” Currently, the “standard” is a median down Florida. Until Hemet City Council comes up with some “respect,” we citizens will bear the brunt of their poor decisions.
Hats off to San Jacinto for their great city council decisions. They reduced every San Jacinto resident’s electric energy costs and have promoted new business. In contrast, Hemet’s city council spent over $400,000 on a questionable trial defending its Chief of Police.
Each of us should show up at city council meetings held the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. Tell the Hemet City Council to take care of us like San Jacinto City Council takes care of its citizens.

Sue Savage, Hemet

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