Mustangs juiced by Citrus Hill

The West Valley Boys Soccer team faced a shutout at the hands of Citrus Hill last Thursday, 6-0.

Photo by Corey Evan / The Valley Chronicle
Action shot taken during the Mustangs’ matchup with Citrus Hill on Thursday January 11.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

Author Siobhan Davis once said, “I guess it takes one to know one, and two can play that game.” That’s the essence of what Coach William Vasquez tried to stress to his soccer boys at West Valley High on Thursday Jan. 11, as they hosted the Hawks from Citrus Hill. But how well did the Mustangs know the tart and nimble birds? Well…
Almost right away, a minute in to be exact, the Hawks scored their first goal. Ten minutes in, one became two. At 15 minutes, two became three. And two minutes before halftime, three became four. On a scale of “What the Feud” to “Oy Vey,” Vasquez rated this first half a “holy mackerel.”
The second half would treat the Mustangs no better. After a lack of score for most of the half, Vasquez noticed a questionable call from one of the referees; one of his Mustangs was called out for being off-sides, to which Vasquez disagreed. But in expressing his frustration with the call, Vasquez only ended up scoring a yellow card. To pour salt in the wound, the Hawks would squeeze a fifth goal out of West Valley at the 9-minute mark and a sixth with less than two minutes remaining. ’Twas truly a painful loss for the Mustangs, 6-0 Citrus Hill.
Vasquez says this game came down to (not) understanding the competition.
“It’s all about the players,” said Vasquez. “That team has a lot of club players, and we only have three club players. It’s very hard to compete with players that don’t play at the competitive level, outside of high school. It was a hard loss, but I’m sure we can come back from it. We’ve got smart players.”
So how is Vasquez handling his own personal yellow card? “Ref was good, he had called everything good, and the one play that was an off-side he didn’t call it,” he explained. “But still, I think it was just the heat of the game.” In short, he laughed it off.
With this loss, the Mustangs have a season record of 1-12 and 0-2 in Mountain pass league.

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