Dems sponsor women’s march for equal rights

Photo by Dennis Brown
“No human is illegal,” is just one of the many social messages the Democrats of Hemet-San Jacinto displayed Saturday morning, before City Hall. Other signs read “Not so great to hate,” and “Women have rights to their bodies,” among others.

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Women from Hemet and surrounding areas joined together in a Women’s March Jan. 20 sponsored by the Democrats of Hemet-San Jacinto, which ended in a rally at the Hemet City Hall parking lot.
A number of participants spoke of conditions they had to meet in years past only because they were women.
One participant spoke of asking her boss why the gentleman she had trained to work beside her was receiving more salary than she was. Her boss said it was because the man had a family to support. Her response that she also had a family to support was ignored.
Another participant said she was unable to purchase a car on her own and that her husband had to be a part of the transaction.
Several women spoke of being asked when applying for a position if they intended to have a family. If so, they were overlooked by employers. Many women spoke of being passed over for promotions by men who had less experience or training.
The Democrats of Hemet-San Jacinto were thanked for holding the march in Hemet so people didn’t have to drive an hour or more to support Women’s Rights. And, they were thanked for passing experiences onto the many younger women in Hemet, who had no idea of the limitations that older women faced during past years.
The younger participants said there were still many instances of discrimination faced by women today, and they asked all women to continue to fight for equal rights and equal pay.

Photo by Dennis Brown
Photo by Dennis Brown

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