LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – February 1, 2018

Hemet City Council

Dear Editor,

I’ve enjoyed having The Valley Chronicle in my life for almost 5 years and have found it to be a worthwhile publication that takes the side of the people of Hemet and San Jacinto rather than the government, our corrupt government that is.
I’ve written several articles and letters to the editor and have never received one cent for doing it, it’s always been a labor of love. I’m a veteran, one of those people who fought for the Constitution, freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
But now we have a corrupt, sniveling, arrogant, mean-spirited City Council hoping that by taking away city advertisements and putting them in an out-of-town newspaper they will crush and destroy our local newspaper because The Valley Chronicle is forced to sue them for public information that should legally be provided and because they expose how truly low life our city council is.
I was told by a newspaper employee that people there are getting less pay because the city has pulled $50,000 worth of public advertising money for Public Notices and given them to the Press Enterprise. I’ve also been told that the newspaper will hunker down and will not allow our worthless, incompetent, irrational City Council to put them out of business.
At the next election you need to remember how petty, small-minded, arrogant and nasty the people currently in the city council are and make sure that not one of them is elected again.
The newspaper itself won’t complain in public but it’s a private individual who wants to see The Valley Chronicle succeed and I tell you it is your job to ditch this Hemet City Council, every single one of them and bring in a proper mayor because we don’t have a city government, we have a bunch of snotty people who think they should be able to do anything they want and then get a paycheck for their incompetence. When it comes to voting in the next election, make sure that no one in office now gets another chance to try to steal your freedom of the press.

Thank you,

Bracha Sarah Meyerowitcz, Hemet

CR&R collecting via property tax

Dear Editor,

The Hemet City Council is considering changing the way CR&R is paid for trash collection and street sweeping. (Jan. 9 meeting, work-study). Instead of the consumer getting billed for three months in advance, the homeowner will be billed one year in advance on their property taxes. No mention was made of a mechanism to refund the homeowner fees when they sell their home. Instead it was stated CR&R would not worry about collecting for new services until the next property tax assessment.
CR&R presented this option because delinquent accounts, with amounts as low as $10, are presented to the City Council for collection via a lien on the homeowners property. Apparently, some homeowners have objected that they did not know the tenants were not paying the bills. Since the city no longer bills trash services with the water, the threat of water turnoff is not available to motivate consumers to pay their bills.
Many people have no idea what is on their property tax bill which is paid through an impound account monthly. Then the entire amount shown on their 1098 is deducted (incorrectly) on their income tax. This was an advantage to some people in the past, less appealing with the new tax law.
As a homeowner, who pays the property tax directly, I object to paying so far in advance for CR&R services. When I sell my home, I would expect to be refunded for the unused months of service.
I think this will impact all Hemet residents and deserves some public discussion.
Will we see all utility services billed to the owner in advance via property tax? What will those who want their water deposits back after a year feel about paying a year in advance?

Diane Schilling, Hemet

Presidential adequacy

Dear Editor,

It appears that President of the United States Donald Trump thinks he was elected emperor rather than president. As emperor, he could appoint the most inept people to cabinet positions, order them to comply with his slightest whim, and/or fire them at will. He could require the Department of Justice to pursue any and/or all who displease him in any way.
His appointment of Betsy DeVos to Secretary of Education is outrageous. She is outspoken in her support of using public funds to support private schools. She never set foot in a public school of any kind and the charter schools she supports in Michigan are among the very lowest ranked in the state. She and her multibillionaire husband enthusiastically support Trump’s tax plan to benefit the very wealthy and penalize the working class over time.
Appointing former Texas governor Rick Perry to head the Department of Energy is similarly outrageous. Perry blindly todied to Big Oil interests when governor of Texas and is now supporting the opening of National Park lands and the Arctic Wildlife Refuge to similar exploitation; and by the way, there is no such thing as “clean coal.”
Many of Trump’s other Cabinet appointments fall into the same category of special interest support of “Dirty Industry” despoiling the environment, ignoring global warming, and further enriching the top 1 percent of the very wealthy.
Trump’s appointment of Rex Tillerson (even though also extremely wealthy) to head the Department of State, and his nomination of former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to be Ambassador to the United Nations, must be an anomaly of some kind since they both exhibit a modicum of independent thinking and forthright morality.
Trump’s common usage of vulgar language and his ridiculous exaggerations along with his racist commentary certainly fall well short of what the American people can and should expect from our president. Also, by the way, Trump is an employee of the people, and we can fire him. It’s a long and complex process but can be done.

Russell Jacobs,

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