PUBLIC SAFETY BRIEFS – February 1, 2018

Man suspected of pimping, human trafficking arrested at a Hemet motel

Hemet police, in conjunction with the Riverside County Sheriff, arrested a man Jan. 18 on suspicion of pimping and trafficking three young women, two of them only 15 years old.
Marvonte Deon Dolberry, 22, is being held at the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility in lieu of $155,000 bail on suspicion of human trafficking, human trafficking of a minor, pimping, pandering, oral copulation with a minor and unlawful sexual intercourse.
According to a news release from Hemet police and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Anti-human Trafficking Task Force, which assisted in the case, the arrest took place at a motel located in the 800 Block of West Florida Avenue.
Dolberry is suspected of pimping and trafficking 15 and 18 year old victims. At the time of the arrest, police came upon another 15 year old victim with him. Police are still investigating if a second male individual present in the motel at the time was also involved in criminal behavior, according to news reports.
The two minors were taken into custody and released to their parents.
According to the Riverside Press Enterprise, a Hemet police sergeant, aware of suspected prostitution activity observed along West Florida Ave., performed a vehicle check of a car parked near Gilmore Street and Acacia Avenue. Inside, he observed the two juveniles allegedly performing a sex act with the male driver subsequently identified as Luis Chavez Avila, 30 of San Jacinto, police said. Avila was arrested on suspicion of loitering for prostitution and released on his own recognizance to appear in court.

Undercover ‘John’ sting leads to arrests

During the evening hours of Friday Jan. 26, the City of Hemet Police Department conducted an undercover “John” sting at a motel in the 3800 block of W. Florida Avenue. The sting resulted in the arrest of five people for solicitation of prostitution or loitering with the intent to commit prostitution.
As part of a statewide campaign to raise Human Trafficking awareness, members of the Hemet Police Department’s ROCS Team, Crime Suppression Unit, and Patrol Bureau, conducted an undercover sting where Johns negotiated sexual acts for money with Hemet Police officers. The Johns were arrested when they arrived at the motel to complete the acts. The Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task-force assisted the Hemet Police Department in planning the operation.
As police staffing has increased, the City of Hemet Police Department has been able to increase its proactive enforcement of prostitution laws, according to the department. Prior to this operation, the department primarily focused on reducing the “supply” of prostitution by arresting prostitutes. This operation was designed to target the “demand” for prostitution by arresting the Johns who were seeking prostitutes.
According to Hemet Police Chief Rob Webb: “The best way to make a noticeable impact is to target both the supply and the demand for prostitution.”
The City of Hemet Police Department anticipates conducting operations similar to this on a regular basis as its staffing levels continue to grow. All of the subjects arrested in this operation were booked into the Hemet Jail and later transported to the Riverside County Jail.

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