The Super Bowl touches our core values

The game and its ads are often more about family than football

Photo courtesy the Richard Perry family
Megan Perry, her mother, and Keith Collins celebrating a Patriot win in Boston.

■ By Richard Perry / Contributed

Greetings from the Hemet Car Guy

My family’s beloved team, the New Orleans Saints, had hopes of going to the Super Bowl but lost to the Minnesota Vikings due to a missed tackle in the final seconds. I must say I did mourn for a couple days before losing interest. My daughter Megan, who lives in the Boston area, says her other favorite team is the New England Patriots. And my wife Bambi thinks Tom Brady is the second most handsome guy around (of course I’m number one!)
I remember in past years the Super Bowl commercials are sometimes more impressive than the actual game—except last year. The Patriots’ historic comeback and eventual overtime win made for what might have been the most exciting Super Bowl ever.
Last year, there were two car commercials that really hit home for me. I looked them up on You Tube to watch them again, and they really made me smile once again.
Audi commercial titled “Daughter”
This Super Bowl commercial from Audi took a more serious approach toward supporting positive values. The four-ring brand put its focus on equal pay for equal work while a father watches his daughter compete against the boys in a soapbox-derby competition. While dad wonders how he can tell his daughter that most of the world still values men above women, she outwits and out-races the competition to victory. At the end, he realizes that if things keep progressing, “Maybe I’ll be able to tell her something different.” They then drive away in a sleek new 2017 Audi S5.
Between us, Bambi and I have four daughters. We’ve had family discussions about this issue before, and we believe those gals can do whatever they put their minds to and will receive equal pay for equal work.
Hyundai spot: “A Better Super Bowl”
Last year, this Hyundai Super Bowl spot didn’t run until the final touchdown had been scored, but that’s partly because it was filmed live, while the game was going on. What Hyundai did was to set up a viewing party for active service members at a U.S. military base in Poland. Three members were then picked for a special treat: Watching from inside an immersive “media pod” that created a 360-degree viewing experience. It was as if they were seated right in the stadium. Even better, the soldiers’ loved ones were, in fact, in attendance at the Super Bowl. The result was a virtual family reunion for all involved.
It is touching to see our military come home. It gets me every time when I see a young child run into his or her parents’ arms.
So this Super bowl, for me, is about daughters—and our Patriots (and maybe checking out a cool car ad).
God bless and good driving!
The Hemet Car Guy

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