LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – February 8th, 2018

The Dems and Trump

Dear Editor,

First, I wish to thank the Chronicle for its independent political reporting. You allow BOTH sides to be heard, which is something that the major newspapers of New York and Los Angeles should emulate, instead of spewing one-sided opinions non-stop!
Secondly, in reference to the letter from Russell Jacobs that you published under Presidential Adequacy…Trump was elected by our electoral college per the Constitution of our great country. And, importantly, by the Democrats, YES Democrats, who live in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin who voted for him in droves. It was the voters of these states who fired someone–Hillary R. Clinton, much to her chagrin.
So, Mr. Jacobs, in 2020, if the Democrats of those states and voters across our great land don’t like what Trump has done or not done, he will be fired. After his speech the other night, that may be more difficult than the opposite party would like! Oh, I proudly voted for Gary Johnson, but am open to any worthy candidate or party in 2020!

Thank you,

G. Peter Kohl, Hemet

Immigrant solution and creating jobs

Dear Editor,

The Democrats cannot accept anything coming from the Republicans or President Trump-one being a revised immigrant program. So, here is a program to consider-one that will open up jobs to keep this program working.
All immigrants must have a visa or “green card” to enter our country. This card expires in two years. During those two years, this immigrant has to learn to speak English. Being bilingual is wonderful, but everything will be printed in English only. During these two years, this immigrant must look for employment. At the end of the two years, he/she has to decide if they are willing to become an American citizen.
At the end of the two years, all public assistance ceases and, if the immigrant decides he doesn’t want to be American, then he will be provided a one way ticket back to his/her country of origin.
This plan can be retroactive.
Those that have been here for years can be found. They have to have an address to receive their welfare checks and food stamps. So, trace them to where their checks are being mailed. They, too, have a two-year period in which to accomplish as outlined above.
Amazing isn’t it how many jobs could be created monitoring the system, and how much money can be saved by sorting through the welfare recipients.

Thank you,

Nancy Eller, Hemet

Every life deserves to be recognized

Dear Editor,

Apparently, in our community there are those who believe that choice is not for everyone.
On Saturday, Jan. 20, those who believe in the sanctity of human life placed 3,000 crosses in the ground as a way of acknowledging the existence of the unborn and mourning the loss of the 3,000 unborn babies, who die by abortion each day in the United States.  A simple sign read: CEMETERY OF THE INNOCENT.
Sometime before 8 p.m. on Sunday [Jan. 21], the sign was stolen. We can only pray that the persons who are responsible will have a change of heart and return the sign. Valley Pro-Life members who created the cemetery are a strictly local group that depends on donations, and therefore, has no means to replace the sign this year.
Those little ones who are aborted are given no ceremony, no final resting place, and some of us are very saddened by that fact.  Every life deserves to be recognized and mourned when it is lost.

For Valley Pro-Life,

Edna Sanchez

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