Tigers face Hawk attack

SJ High School’s Boys Basketball team lost to Citrus Hill last Thursday, 72 – 55

Photo by Corey Evan / The Valley Chronicle
Coach Will Farley, in grey, briefs his Tigers during timeout, Citrus Hill in background.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

Basketball, like baseball, has become as American as apple pie. Same goes for the basketball boys at San Jacinto High School. But how would the boys in orange fare against the red, white and blue Hawks of Citrus Hill? The two teams found out the evening of Feb. 1.
The Tigers scored the first 2 points of the game, but then the Hawks swooped in and took the lead, not letting it go through the first period. The Tigers managed 15 points, while Citrus Hill got 23 in the basket.
Despite the Tigers’ best efforts, and despite the two teams often copying each others’ moves in second period, Citrus Hill were able to widen the gap between themselves and San Jacinto. At halftime, the Hawks’ lead was 13 points; the Tigers had work to do to close a 42-29 deficit.
The Hawks continued to peck away at the Tigers, who hung right in there during the second half. The gap between the two teams widened in period three to 16, as the Hawks added an additional 16 points. Then the Hawks swooped in for the final kill in quarter four, taking an additional 12 points to deal a defeat to the Tigers, 72-55.
Mason Owens led the Citrus squeeze with 12 points, followed by Justin Sanders who had 11 and then Shawn Dorseau, Chad Shearer and Lance Singleton who each made 8. The Tigers had their top-scorers too: Jireh Horton dropped in 21 points this game, helped by Henry Campos and Roman Swizek who each chipped in 8.
The Hawks’ record climbed to 18-6 with this win, 7-1 in league. The Tigers fell to 5-15 and 2-6. Coach Will Farley says he isn’t worried about any chance of postseason at this point, but instead wants his Tigers to keep learning the ins and outs of the game as they still have one more game this Thursday.
7:30 p.m. will see the boys in blue make their visit from Beaumont. But can the Tigers finish this season with just one more win? Go see the game at SJ High to see for yourself.

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