3 fun ways to spend President’s Day with the family

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resident’s Day is around the corner. Here are three fun and educational ways to celebrate with kids.

Visit a museum
Check out a local American history museum in your area and head out to learn about past presidents. On the way home, ask kids to share some facts they learned.

Head to the library

Make reading fun by checking out books about American history. Whether it’s a biography of George Washington or a novel that takes place during the Civil War, this is a great opportunity to encourage a love of reading. The librarian can help you find age-appropriate reading material for your kids.

Costume party
Throw a presidential costume party, and have kids dress as presidents and other historical figures. Ask each attendee to tell the group a little bit about his or her figure and costume.

The kids may be out of school, but that’s no reason their brains need to take a vacation. Make education fun this President’s Day by celebrating the holiday together.

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