Lady Mustangs edged out by Titans

West Valley’s girls basketball team lost to Tahquitz on Senior Night, 54-44

Photo by Corey Evan / The Valley Chronicle
Mustang Senior Quinay Ross defends the ball against the Titans on Senior Night.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

Even when the going has gotten tough, the tough still need to get going. At West Valley High School’s senior night on Thursday, Feb. 8, it didn’t matter that the Mustangs were having a tough season; what mattered was celebrating those who would saddle up for the future. Nine of the Mustangs will graduate this summer, and for them, this was their night.
This year’s graduating seniors include Brianna Grangaard, Krystina Lorch, Mackenzie Mennell, Marriah Nelson, Tianna Phillips, Shelby Richards, Quinay Ross, Alexandra Steiner and Hailey Towe. That constitutes nine out of the 13 girls on this year’s roster! Coach Brandon Jones has quite the rebuilding to do after this game.
Period one was an interesting one; the Titans took the first seven points of the game before the Lady Mustangs could put the pressure on them. The two teams were on each other like saddles on horses, finishing this first period with a 5-point spread, 18-13 Tahquitz.
The two teams matched each other move-for-move in period number two, each scoring 9 points. Despite Tahquitz holding onto a precarious 5-point lead 27-22, it was clear these two teams were evenly matched.
The Mustangs pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and started chipping away at the Titans’ lead with a gain of 14 points to the Titans’ 11. After three periods, it was a 2-point game.
The fourth quarter was a knockdown-dragout, as the Mustangs attempted to fend off the Titans. The last two minutes of the game seemed to last an hour, but in the end the Titans bolted ahead to take a 10-point win, 54-44.
Jones says that while it wasn’t a winning season, it was still a great one. “Good luck to these girls; the ones that are going to college to play ball and the ones that aren’t, I wish them well!” he said. “I’d like to see their kids back here, playing and being a Mustang in any sport here.”
What the future holds for this year’s seniors and their future young ones remains to be seen. Until then, here are the Mountain Pass League results for the 2017-18 girls basketball season:
The West Valley girls brought up the rear this time around with a record of 1-10 in league and 1-22 for the year, taking their only win this season from the Citrus Hill Hawks.
Speaking of which, Citrus Hill’s girls took 1-9 and 7-18 to take fifth place in league.
Tahquitz had a middling performance with 5-5 and 12-13, finishing this season in fourth.
Beaumont matched Tahquitz’ league performance, but had 14-10 overall to take the bronze position.
San Jacinto’s girls will rock silver this year, with a tally of 9-1 and 20-6.
But the gold position on this list goes to the red-and-gold Hemet Lady Bulldogs! They brought in a score of 10-1 in league, 22-5 for the season.
At the very least, while this season was a heartbreaker for West Valley, these girls took this defeat in stride.

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