STEAM Expo a success at Estudillo Elementary

Photo by: San Jacinto Unified School District
Estudillo STEAM math activities.

■ San Jacinto Unified School District

The annual science fair at San Jacinto Unified Estudillo Elementary on Feb. 12 was not a typical science fair at all—rather, the event was an exposition, and full of STEAM!
Dr. Sonya Scott, Estudillo’s Principal, and her team wanted to make sure everyone knows the school has a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, known as STEAM-style education program, and STEAM is even part of their logo.
For the evening’s STEAM Expo, parents and students were invited to visit locations listed on a campus map where all the aspects of a STEAM program were highlighted, including an art gallery with student works of art on sale as a school fundraiser. Food vendors were stationed around the campus and school t-shirts and yearbook sales made available near the event entrance, adding to the festivities.

Photo by: San Jacinto Unified School District
Dr. Scott in space.
Photo by: San Jacinto Unified School District

“As a parent and teacher at Estudillo Elementary, it was a joy to watch our students get excited about their learning at our STEAM EXPO,” said Kinder Teacher Nicole McManaman.
“We watched our kiddos share and teach their families about robots, green screens, and roller coasters. We strive to teach our children that they can follow their passions and become the next scientist, technology specialist, engineer, artist or mathematician. We are very proud of our Eagles!” declared Mrs. McManaman.
Principal Dr. Scott was excited to see 317 families enjoying the expo, who were not deterred by the cooler weather to come out and see their student’s hard work over the previous few weeks.
“This is such a fun event,” said Principal Dr. Scott. “STEAM is engaging, hands-on and reality-based and it brings our school community together in a way that is very exciting!” she noted.
Music Teacher Mr. Brian Smith also participated in the expo, featuring an activity called Rainbow Xylophone. Students learned how to make music by tapping spoons against glasses of colored water—the level of the water made a difference in the sound. Mr. Smith explained the science of sound waves in water, and enjoyed adding different food coloring drops to each glass filled at different heights.
Estudillos Assistant Principal Danielle Powell was impressed with all the enthusiasm weeks before the event, from students and teachers, alike. “Here at the Eagle’s Nest, everyone worked super hard to prepare for an awesome expo,” said Assistant Principal Powell. “I loved seeing the smiling faces on all our guests as they visited the rooms filled with great work—we are preparing our students for lots of opportunities ahead!” she exclaimed.

Photos by: San Jacinto Unified School District

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