California has long had in place the Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1995, whose goal is to protect students and staff from gun violence.”

Standing tall with today’s youth

Dear Editor,

I am sick of people who think or believe that keeping military style weapons off the streets is a violation of their Second Amendment rights. That’s a lot of hogwash. I am a veteran of WWII and I, along with many of my comrades, believe that military weapons are for the militia, not macho civilians who believe that to keep such weapons in the military, where they belong, is a threat to their manhood.
The Constitution is very specific on that. Some people forget the part about a well-maintained militia. We have the most well-maintained militia in the world. It is called “The United States Military,” which currently is all volunteer.
The massacre in a Florida high school points out a fact that it isn’t just banning military type weapons, but allowing military (or any other kind of guns) in the hands of a mentally sick person that is an absolute no-no. I hear the old canard that guns don’t kill people in and of themselves. True, but guns of any variety in the hands of someone intent on mass murder do kill people. Then comes the argument: why not also ban knives? That is apples and oranges. A knife can be defended against, but a gun with a 30-round capacity is the difference between hand sickle and a lawn mower.
The current administration is dragging its feet on mental health as have those in the past who give lip-service to that real issue. Congress is so dependent on the N.R.A. for campaign funds they might as well be running the N.R.A. instead of the house and senate.
Several generations have now ignored the mayhem on the streets of Chicago and Los Angeles as well as in our schools from Aurora, Colo., to Orlando, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas and now Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.
A strange phenomena is taking place across America, and it isn’t being led by politicos who put re-election ahead of the lives of our children, who are the future of our country. The kids don’t like it a damned bit. Out of grief and misery, the high school students in Lakeland have started a movement that is sweeping the country. Twenty-five percent of them will be voting for the first time this November, and their mantra is: “If you accept money from the NRA, whose only purpose is to support the gun industry, we will vote against you. And if you already are in a legislative position, you will be voted out of office.”
These kids mean business. They are tired of the same old platitude that “we need to talk about it.” They are tired of talk. They are being referred to as the “Z” generation. Z being the last letter in the alphabet suggesting we are at the end of the line. They want action.
Not only are they a surging movement, but many adults are joining their crusade. Many big political money men are declaring they will not fund candidates who support the NRA, and that is also growing.
Listen up, folks, this ain’t going away. I am 93 years old, and I stand tall with these young men and women who want to see a change from “business as usual.” I will march with them, demonstrate with them, and anything their leadership dictates. We have screwed up the country so badly it is a breath of fresh air to see their dedication to bringing peace to our communities.

Raymond “Rusty” Strait, Hemet

Florida school shooting

Dear Editor,

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to figure out why there have been so many school shootings. Just take a look at what has become the norm these days.
Both moms and dads work in order to make payments on a house that is overpriced. Let’s not leave out the expensive car parents have to have.
Gone are the days of family togetherness, just look at yourself in the mirror. Oh, you can’t put your phone down long enough to see what is really happening under your own roof?
Most movies these days are filled with “shoot em up, kill em” as well as foul language and sexuality. That foul language is the new language of the younger generations. Even if you take your child to a PG-13 movie, the previews of forthcoming movies may be “R” rated. Television programs offer much of the same.
All of your children have cell phones and other electronic game gadgets. Are you aware of the violent games they are playing on these gadgets?
While eating out in a restaurant I have seen a family of four—mom, dad and two children—each sitting at the table playing with their own phone. Forget talking to one another.
The best way for a child to contact their parent(s) is by texting or posting something on a social website. Consequently, the minds of those addicted to playing games and watching movies have been infested with the teaching of violence and perhaps are not aware that dead is dead. They will not ever see that person again, not in the flesh anyway.
Many people today have pushed God out of their lives and have stopped attending church. God has been pushed out of school. God has all but been pushed out of America, yet at various sporting events, “God Bless America” is sung.  How can God Bless America if we don’t allow him back in?
The recent school shooting in Florida is a prime example of what society today has let happen. Time to wake up America and realize that you reap what you sow.   And today’s children have become poisoned with violent movies, TV programs, and games they are allowed to play.
These things have become the norm today. The latest shooting has nothing to do with the need for gun control. It has to do with the need for proper parenting and the need to give your child/children some quality time to know what movies, TV programs, and games they are playing and who their friends are.
A friend once said, “Do not let others influence you, but be a good influence to others.”
Put the phones down and take a good look in the mirror.

Nancy Eller, Hemet

How to rig a survey

Dear Editor,

I read, with interest, your article about the Hemet School bonds in last week’s paper.  I was one of the 681 people that were surveyed.  That said, and the fact that I have a BSBA in business administration, gives me a different perspective about the survey.  The survey questions were highly biased in favor of the bond. Furthermore, the questions were not neutral in nature, as they should be, to be valid.
The questions also mention that the teachers would get a raise in pay with the bond issue. That is an entirely different issue from what they say they are asking for.   I challenge The Valley Chronicle and the people who took the survey to make public all the questions that were asked.  Another neat trick is to throw out what you do not like for a response.
When we took our class in statistics we were shown how to rig a survey and how to lie with true, but bogus, facts.  From what I have been able to understand, Clifford Moss is a firm that represents public entities (such as school districts and unions) set this up to misrepresent the school bond and what it really will do.  They do not appear to have our best interests at heart.
Personally, I would like to see our schools repaired and in great condition.  But this bond will not do it.  Too much PORK and side issues are involved.  It is one thing to repair and improve upon an outdated system.  However, this bond goes beyond that simple purpose.
All too often we are lied to as to what will happen with a measure or bond.  Check your legs. One should be longer than the other now.

Mr. Chuck Moore

Editor’s note:
Mr. Moore: The Valley Chronicle has submitted a California Public Records Act request for the survey questions and results.

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