Mt. San Jacinto College proudly announces recognition of excellence for premier program

A■ Mt. San Jacinto College

program at Mt. San Jacinto College (MSJC) that delivers peer support to students in difficult courses recently received recognition for excellence in the state and the nation.
MSJC Supplemental Instruction (SI), a premier academic assistance program, is only the fifth college SI program in California to receive certification by the International Center for Supplemental Instruction, said Janice Levasseur, the program’s coordinator.
The certification, received in January, endorses the MSJC SI Program’s commitment to the core principles of the SI Model and carries with it prestige and privileges. MSJC application demonstrated the SI Program’s commitment to SI Leader training and support, SI session planning, and the MSJC SI data. Commendations were given in the areas of training and mentoring. In addition to being the fifth college in California to receive this certification, it is one of only 25 colleges across the nation in the United States to achieve this distinction.
The SI Program was introduced at MSJC in the fall 2006 semester by providing SI support to one section of math. As a result of the collaboration and support from MSJC faculty and administration, the SI Program has grown to support 54 sections in 14 disciplines district-wide. Student SI Leaders provide peer assistance to students enrolled in historically difficult courses by facilitating SI review sessions that integrate course content and learning strategies. Data consistently show that students who participate in SI earn higher grades and persist at higher rates than non-SI participants.

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