PUBLIC SAFETY BRIEFS – March 1st, 2018

Elderly Hemet couple shoots, wounds home invader

A Hemet couple being assaulted by a robber shot the man who police later arrested at a nearby hospital where he fled for treatment of his gunshot wounds, according to Hemet Police.
Police said they received a 911 call on Tuesday Feb. 13, at approximately 12:06 a.m. from an couple residing in the 1700 block of S. State Street. The caller stated that a man had broke into their home and, when confronted, began assaulting them. The residents, in fear for their lives, armed themselves and shot the suspect, who then fled the residence. Hemet Police immediately arrived on scene and conducted an area search but were unable to locate the suspect. Hemet Police Investigation Bureau responded to the scene and took over the investigation.
At approximately 1:20 a.m. detectives obtained information regarding a man with gunshot wounds who arrived at an emergency room in Moreno Valley. Detectives were told that the man was taken to the Riverside University Health System Medical Center. Hemet Police detectives responded and were able to obtain further evidence. Deshawn Wallace, 27, of Moreno Valley, was treated for multiple non-life-threatening gunshot wounds. Once he was cleared by medical staff, he was transferred and booked into Riverside County Jail. Wallace was charged with suspicion of parole violation, home invasion robbery, burglary, elder abuse and assault. He is being held without bail. Police said Wallace was on parole for burglary and has an extensive criminal history for violent crimes, according to police.
The elderly victims, in the early seventies, who were assaulted by Wallace, received medical treatment for injuries they sustained. One victim was transported to the hospital on the day of the incident and released that day.
Chief Rob Webb said, “This is a case of good people being victimized by a subject who the State of California failed to keep locked up. It is totally unacceptable that decisions made at the state level continue to have a detrimental effect on our local communities.”

Hemet Police Report: Crime Suppression Unit Update

As the Hemet Police Department’s staffing has increased, there has been talk about the Hemet ROCS activities, or Restoring our Community Strategy, but the department also has begun staffing its Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) team.
The Hemet Police CSU is a team that targets a wide range of high profile crimes such as prostitution and narcotics sales. It also assists the detective bureau with the surveillance and arrest of dangerous felons. CSU was launched in November last year with three detectives and one sergeant. In its first three months, CSU has assisted the detective bureau in conducting numerous undercover surveillance operations of robbery suspects, and it has helped other police departments with the surveillance of homicide suspects.
When CSU is not working undercover, it is out in the streets conducting high visibility enforcement along Florida Avenue or following up on narcotics sales tips received through the department’s tip lines. In its high visibility capacity, the unit has made more than 200 enforcement stops, which have led to more than 30 felony arrests and the recovery of three stolen vehicles and eight firearms. CSU also has seized nearly a half pound of methamphetamine, a quarter pound of heroin, and nearly $5,000 in cash from drug dealers.
The Crime Suppression Unit has also been aggressively attacking prostitution and human trafficking. To date, they have arrested nine prostitutes, two “pimps,” and eight “Johns.” Additionally, CSU has worked with the Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force (RCAHT) and saved three victims from human trafficking. The relationship with RCAHT is proving very valuable to the City of Hemet as they bring additional resources to the table and they were able to assist with the planning of a recent “John” sting.
Looking to the future, the department anticipates expanding the Crime Suppression Unit further as the department grows. The department believes that the citizens of Hemet deserve a team that focuses on these high profile crimes and it, says, it intends to deliver.

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