No Brake Lights

Dear Editor,

After moving to Hemet in 2013, my wife and I have observed more vehicles in this town that have from one to all of their brake lights out than there are in a box of Cheerios.
A ticket is a ticket. If an officer is patrolling and not on a call, they should stop and ticket any vehicle they observe with one or more brake lights out. This would not only help the safety issue, but bring in additional funds for the city.
I don’t know about Hemet, but when my granddaughter got a ticket for a blown brake light, it ended up costing her over $200 in fines. The days of a simple “fix-it ticket” are gone.
I am also told that HPD is short of patrol officers, yet I have seen as many as four patrol cars at one location with four to six officers standing in a yard talking to one individual. I don’t have a problem with them having backup, but two of those units could have been patrolling and issuing tickets.
I have written a letter to the Hemet Chief of Police about the issue above and have not received a response from him or the police department. I guess they are not concerned that citizens of this community have concerns that impact everyone.
Yes, I could go to the council meetings and voice my concerns, but common courtesy dictates that I should get some kind of response from the police department.
I observed an incident that could spur road rage and possibly get someone killed. I asked for a CHP officer to come out and discuss it with me. After I wrote a letter to the CHP commander in Sacrament, an officer came out. It took two weeks. I was told by the CHP that they, as well as the sheriff’s department, are short-handed and just can’t respond to every citizen’s request for assistance.

Phillip Daniel, Sr.

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