Titans pierced by the Lancers

The Tahquitz Boys Volleyball team lost to Lakeside last Thursday, 3-2

Photos by Corey Evan
Titan, Cameron Canada readies himself to serve up trouble for Lakeside last Thursday. The Lancers anticipated this, taking the match 3-2.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

Even when you’re down, you don’t have to be out. Win or lose, you’ve got to make it look good. That’s what the Tahquitz High School boys volleyball team tried to do as they hosted the Lakeside Lancers on Thursday, March 8.
The Titans delivered the first kill of the afternoon, followed quickly by the Lancers. The two teams kept it close in the early portion of this first set, before Tahquitz thundered ahead and dealt a blow to the Lancers 25-10 to take set one.
But the winds changed in favor of the Lancers, as the teams switched places for set two. They took the lead early in this part of the match and never let go. The Titans made a strong effort to come from behind, but the Lancers took this set, 25-20.
With the match now 1-all, Coach Jay Placencia spent two minutes whipping her Titans into shape before sending them south of the net for set three.
Tahquitz did what Lakeside managed to in the previous set, taking the third one, 25-13. It seemed like south of the net was the lucky side of the net this match. The Titans tried to disprove this when they took to the north of the net again. The two teams were once again at a close distance score wise, with the Titans holding the lead early in set four. But the Lancers took over the lead midway and kept it going to a score of 25-22.
This led to an exciting fifth set, which saw Lancer fans making the loudest noise as it turned out. The Lancers scored first, and really put the pressure on Tahquitz from south of the net. Lakeside then edged out Tahquitz 15-12 to take the match. At the very least, the Titans made this one look good while they could.
Placencia says youth and inexperience cost the Titans this time, and not necessarily real estate. “A lot of young boys—that’s where a lot of our problems lie,” said Placencia. “The boys are tough and they never give up. But unfortunately we made too many mistakes today.” Placencia is new to the team this year, taking over for Greg Friestad who retired last year.
The Titans are currently 2-5 for the season, but it’s still early. The Titans are on the road to Vista Murrieta on Tuesday, March 20th, taking on their Broncos at 5 p.m. If you can be there, the game promises to be a wild ride.

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