Former SJ city council member opens community pharmacy

Photo by Kyle Selby/The Valley Chronicle
Steve Di Memmo opened United Family Pharmacy early February 2018.

United Family Pharmacy offers walk-ins, home deliveries, hospice & in-home care, and more!

■ By Kyle Selby/Reporter

Steve Di Memmo, formerly a councilmember on the San Jacinto City Council, has left his responsibilities as a city official behind, and is now focusing on serving the community in a much more personal approach. Di Memmo opened United Family Pharmacy in San Jacinto just last month, and he admittedly is doing great.
“I kind of started it because of my wife, actually,” said Di Memmo. “If she got sick, they would have to fill the prescriptions, and then she would have to go to the pharmacy and it wouldn’t be ready. It was just a headache going back and forth.”
That’s when Di Memmo decided to talk to a pharmacist friend of his, to inquire how exactly he could open a pharmacy of his own. Without any prior knowledge or experience in the industry, Di Memmo had to learn the intricacies of the healthcare system, beginning at square one.
“It was not easy,” he ensured.
Two years later, he is sitting in his pharmacy’s front desk with a neon “OPEN” sign at the storefront window, ready for business.
One unique quality to Di Memmo’s pharmacy is that they advertise “free local deliveries at your doorstep.” This means that patients can call the pharmacy directly, have their prescriptions filled in-house, and have them delivered to their homes the very same day.
Di Memmo believes that there is a demand for home prescription deliveries in the valley, and sympathizes with his patients that just can’t make it to a pharmacy in their conditions.
From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Di Memmo and his staff are filling prescriptions. He promises that if his patients need their scripts after store hours, they will oblige.

Photo by Kyle Selby/The Valley Chronicle
United Family Pharmacy.

“It’s all about taking care of the patient.” Di Memmo explained.
In addition, United Family also provides Durable Medical Equipment (DME), meaning they have the ability to order and ship equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, and canes to their patients (anywhere in the United States); hospice and in-home care;
Healthcare Management such as providing assistance applying for Medicare or Medi-cal; or something as simple as ordering a box of band-aids. Di Memmo’s goal is to suit the community’s pharmaceutical needs one patient at a time.
“I want it to be a hometown pharmacy,” said Di Memmo. “I want it to be a local pharmacy for the community, and I want them to be able to know their pharmacist, and be able to communicate with them. I want to have that personal touch.”
Another reason Di Memmo opened his pharmacy in San Jacinto is because he believes that it is important for the people of San Jacinto to spend their money is town as often as they can.
“Here, my money is going to stay here, and benefit the community here,” he elaborated. “That’s important to me, because I’m able to donate to nonprofits in town, and I just bought a table for Valley-Wide’s weekend event—I’m able to contribute back into the community from what comes here.”
Di Memmo already has plans for expansion, anticipating the opening of another location in Hemet in as soon as 90 days! Be on the lookout for Stetson Family Pharmacy, set to open on Stetson Avenue.
We’re going to grow slowly,” explained Di Memmo. “But we don’t want to grow so fast that we lose sight of our mission. Our mission is community service.”
United Family Pharmacy is located at 1221. S. San Jacinto Ave., in San Jacinto. They can be reached at (951) 654-0995, or at

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