Alert to our Canadian friends

A new credit card scheme is being reported by the Royal Bank of Canada, and Canadians wintering in the U.S. need to be on the alert.
The scheme is unique because the caller already has the individual’s credit card number–he now will be fishing for the security code.
According to news reports, the caller has obtained the person’s credit card from illegal sources and only needs the security code on the back to purchase items with the card.
The scam begins with the caller stating they’re from the Security and Fraud Department at Visa and builds credibility by providing his “badge number.” The caller then says that the cardholder’s account has been flagged for “unusual purchases” and names the bank that issued the credit card. Stringing along the cardholder further, the caller asks if he or she has made a specific purchase, usually a big-ticket item. Of course the cardholder says no. The caller takes the cardholder through a series of steps and may even have his mailing address. Finally, the caller needs to “verify that you are in possession of your card,” by having the cardholder read off the security code on the back.
That’s when the caller locks in on the information they need to use the card for their own purposes.

Hemet crash kills 1, injures 5

A two-car crash Saturday night on Mountain Avenue near Soboba Road killed a 23-year-old Hemet man and sent five others to the hospital, police said.
Timothy Gibbons, 23, a passenger in a Ford Focus, died at Riverside University Health System Medical Center about an hour and a half after the crash, according to the Riverside County Coroner. The accident occurred when the vehicle in which Gibbons was riding apparently drifted across the center double lines from the westbound lane on Mountain Avenue and plowed into oncoming traffic, according to Hemet police. The sedan hit an eastbound Chevrolet truck at a point some 100 yards west of Soboba causing the truck to roll, according to police.
The truck apparently tried to avoid the crash but was hit nonetheless and the impact injured the driver and three passengers. The driver of the Ford Focus also was seriously hurt. All of those injured in the crash who didn’t perish are expected to survive, according to police.
The crash happened about 10:30 p.m., and police are investigating whether alcohol was a factor in the crash.

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