The Valley Chronicle hires news reporter Olivia Gildea

Penn State grad has her sights on international travel

Photo courtesy of Olivia Gildea/The Valley Chronicle
News reporter Olivia Gildea.

■ Chris Smith / Advisory Editor

The Valley Chronicle has hired a new reporter and office administrator.
Olivia Gildea hails from Pennsylvania where she majored in journalism at Penn State University. A dog lover and dreamer of international travel, Gildea fancies herself a foreign correspondent, travel writer, or perhaps owner of her own magazine covering the world of canines. The 24-year-old wordsmith has dabbled in film as well as creative writing and puts pen to paper each week in the pages of the Valley Chronicle’s news sections.
“I was encouraged in my writing by my school teachers, and I enjoyed writing short stories and creating mock advertisements for all the businesses I wanted to own—like pet-friendly restaurants, pet stores and dog-walking businesses,” says Gildea.
“As I got older, I continued with my creative writing, and would often find myself more concerned about the plots of my stories instead of what was actually going on around me. I also discovered my interest in news and the idea of being paid to travel and write about things going on in the world,” she says.
“It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college at Penn State University that I decided I wanted to pursue journalism,” she says. “This came after a long time of rotating between majors like English, film production, and even a brief pre-med consideration.”
In college, Gildea says she “began to get inspired during media history lectures and creative writing classes, so I decided to fuse the two.” The result? She ended up in news reporting and multimedia.
While the craft of journalism is consuming, Gildea still finds time to enjoy “music, video games, cooking and baking, craft beer, photography, travel and dogs.” Whew!
Apart from that Pulitzer Prize every journalist longs to win, Gildea has her eye set on international travel “to as many places as I can.”
Well, she made it from Pennsylvania to Hemet, and that could be the start of a long and fulfilling adventure in the world of journalism.

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