“Blossom Time”

Drawing by Rob Lindquist

■ Rob Lindquist / Contributed

March, how I loved you;
How fragrant the trees
That perfumed our valley
On spring days like these.
I was reading to children
One morning at school
Some lines from the pens
Of poets I knew.
From old Edgar Guest
And his “Rose at the Door.”
Sweet Fields and Longfellow,
Riley and more.
When all of a sudden
The mem’ry returned
Of sounds from the orchards
That I once had learned.
I started to buzz
Producing the noise
Of a real honey bee
For the girls and the boys
Who then cried, “It’s a Bee…!
It’s a bee, that for sure!”
And “PRESTO!” the school room
Was then set astir
With the buzzing of bees
As they droned through the groves
Full of apricot blossoms
Row after row.
The kids saw what I saw,
T’was all in their eyes;
WE all buzzed like bees
To the teacher’s surprise.
And I was amazed
By what we had done;
The children and I
Had a barrel of fun,
Humming the song
That God gave to the bees
For the gath’ring of nectar
From flowers and trees.

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