LETTER TO THE EDITOR – April 5th, 2018

Morning walk

Dear Editor,

My morning walk is best when I don’t look at the ground due to the amount of trash, in particular cigarette butts. Maybe, we can add a litter tax on cigarettes and employ “litter police.” When was the last time someone got a ticket for littering? Smoke if you want, but you don’t have a right to trash the community with cigarette butts. Done venting for now…

Rocky Zharp

School massacres and innocent children

Dear Editor,

I cry for our children—our loving, striving, hopeful learners—whose inalienable right in this land, in this free country, is the chance and the opportunity to grow up to be good citizens, good parents, good workers and good neighbors. The least of their concern should be the possibility of having their fondest hopes and dreams die—vanish in their classroom, at a bus stop, on a playground or sidewalk. If ever there were a time for change, this is that time.
Bless our innocent children, our youth. Keep them safe. Keep them warm. Pray each and every day for our government to seriously, bravely, and caringly begin protecting its children—its newest, most vulnerable citizens—from the indiscriminate proliferation of military assault rifles and handguns throughout our cities, schools, colleges, towns and neighborhoods.
Pray for them—those of our own flesh and blood—who we will entrust with our nation’s future. Pray from the heart, for their sake and yours. Affirm that “the Peace that surpasseth all understanding” is here and now protecting our schools, our cities and our beloved country. Stop this madness—help our children!

Rob Lindquist

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