SJ debuts affordable power provider

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■ By Kyle Selby / Reporter

On Tuesday night, the San Jacinto City Council approved a rate schedule for its newly launched, locally sourced power provider, SJPower.
“We added one more rate to accommodate SJUSD rate that was set with Edison, saving them another 3 percent on their billing,” explained name?
So what is SJPower?
SJPower, or SJP, is the “clean and modern” power provider exclusive only to those in the San Jacinto Valley, officially launching this month.
On Dec. 6, 2016, the city council approved implementation of the community aggregation program.
On Jan. 16, 2018, the council established the initial rate schedule for SJP.
Under a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program like San Jacinto Power, Southern California Edison (SCE) will remain responsible for electricity delivery and transmission, power and transmission infrastructure, meters, and customer billing.
The only difference is that the power being used by customers will be purchased by SJP. SCE customers wouldn’t notice much of a change, SJP would just be replacing the utility in providing electricity.
The implementation of SJP, has been in the works since 2012, when City Councilman and State Assembly candidate Andrew Kotyuk brought it to council as mayor.
“Customers of the SJP program will pay a single electricity bill, which includes generation charges that will be set by this council, and delivery charges which will be set by SCE services,” said John Dalessi from Pacific Energy Advisors at a Council meeting in January. “When a customer makes the transition of receiving all services from SCE, to using SJP in April, they will still pay the same delivery fee that they do today, but the Edison generation charges will be removed from the bill.”
SJP has three power providing options for its customers.
SJP Prime Power, the power service’s default choice, with 35 percent renewable energy content, is their most cost-effective plan.
SJP EverGreen, the 100-percent renewal plan, offers customers the option of “opting-up” to 100 percent renewable energy content at at a competing price. Wind is the primary renewable energy source provided, however SJP will add other types as the company grows. Residential EverGreen customers wil payl $10 more per month flat rate.
Current Southern California Edison customers will automatically be enrolled in the SJP NEM (Net Energy Metering).
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