Valley Chronicle circulation tops 12,000

■ Chronicle News Service

The Valley Chronicle now has a circulation of 12,000 – up from 8,000 just a short time ago – with more than 32,000 readers. The Chronicle today is one of the fastest growing community newspapers in California.
On a weekly basis, The Valley Chronicle provides citizens of the San Jacinto Valley with information about local government, local school sports; cultural, entertainment and educational events; public notices; obituaries; letters to the editor; syndicated opinion pieces; a religion section; weekly crime reports, and a monthly business section. In a word, the newspaper offers all the information needed to develop, guide and maintain a knowledgeable public about the latest developments within the community. The Chronicle also is the leading vehicle for local businesses to promote their products and services.
We are continuously making necessary changes in our journalistic and advertising policies in order to always provide an honest and ethical newspaper that our readers can depend on. Unlike thousands of newspapers in the United States, buckling under the pressure of electronic media, The Valley Chronicle is steadily growing in circulation as proven by our 30 percent growth in readership since the acquisition.

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