Crystal Apple Awards 2018

10 teachers presented with awards by LDS Church, nominated by seminary students

Photos by Corey Evan / The Valley Chronicle
Left to Right: Mr. MacDonald, Mrs. Ballard, Mr. Medore, Mrs. DeWit, Mr. Quintero, Ms. Greely, Ms. Sotelo. Absent: Mr. Riegle, Mrs. Stiff, and Mr. Wolny.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

Teaching is often a thankless job. Between trying to keep students’ attention, appeasing administration and field complaints from parents, their efforts can surprisingly go unrecognized.
But there are students who truly appreciate all of the things these hard-working educators do. As a show of appreciation, local students have nominated their favorite teachers for the 8th Annual Crystal Apple Awards.
The awards are given by the Hemet, California stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, through nomination by its seminary students who attend local high schools. Mind you, these aren’t cheap plastic apples you can get at the hobby stores—they’re legitimate crystal seated on marble, and weigh…what awards should!
For those who are not familiar, the seminary program is a worldwide religious education program operated by the Church, whose leadership encourages its members ages 14-18 to enroll as a means of enhancing their educational experience.

This year’s group includes ten recipients who teach within the Hemet and San Jacinto Unified School Districts:
– Hamilton High student Cheyenne nominated Mr. Robert Riegle. Riegle was not present to give comment.
– Hemet High student Brandon nominated Mrs. Kristin DeWit.
– Hemet High students Mason and Dawson nominated Mr. Rex McDonald.
– San Jacinto High School student Josh nominated Mr. Kyle Quintero.
– San Jacinto High School student Matai nominated Mrs. Lindsay Stiff.
– Tahquitz High School student Dillon nominated Mrs. Candi Ballard.
– West Valley High School student Jeffrey nominated Ms. Bridget Greely.
– West Valley High School student Alex nominated Mrs. Jessica Sotelo.
– Western Center Academy students Tanner and Yuri nominated Mr. Matt Medore.
– Western Center Academy students Alexis and Nicole nominated Mr. Logan Wolny.

(*Students’ last names were not made available by the church.)

On behalf of The Valley Chronicle, congratulations to this year’s Crystal Apple winners! And to all of the parents and students of valley schools, we remind you to thank a teacher today—if you must complain about something, please try to show understanding when you do.

Full interviews with this year’s winners will be made available on our website,

The Crystal Apple.

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