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No matter what you drive, having your car stolen is bound to ruin your day. And even though some vehicles may not top the “most-commonly-stolen” list, they get stolen anyway. Thieves frequently pick older-model Accords, Civics, Camrys, and F-150 pickups. However, today’s drivers can learn from the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s recommended “layered approach” on how to protect your vehicle.
The layered approach consists of four components: common sense, a warning device, an immobilizing device, and a tracking device. Common sense is pretty straightforward: park in a well-lit area, close your windows, lock your doors, and don’t forget to take your keys.
Warning devices are fairly common, whether in the form of an audible alarm, a steering-wheel lock, a brake lock, or any other theft-deterrent device that is visible to thieves.
An immobilizing device takes theft deterrence to the next level. It disables the car when a thief attempts to bypass the ignition to hot-wire the vehicle. There are many different methods to address this vulnerability. You can accomplish this by including kill switches, fuel pump disablers, and more, but most of these need to be professionally installed.
Finally, a tracking device helps to facilitate the recovery of a stolen vehicle through the use of GPS technology. But all this sounds too complicated for me!
I like the “SENTINEL DNA Trace System.” It works by placing several chemically etched labels, with a permanently engraved unique registered number and phone number, on the car. There is a window decal warning so the vehicle becomes easily identifiable. Auto thieves rarely steal a vehicle which will reduce their opportunity for financial gain.
If the vehicle is stolen, and when your insurance company issues a claim settlement for a total loss by theft, and when you go to replace the vehicle – SENTINEL DNA Trace will provide reimbursement for up to $500 for car rental expenses and up to $5,000 reimbursement for the cost of your replacement vehicle!
Also, check with your insurance company to see if they offer a premium discount if you install a tracking system. Granted, even doing all of these things doesn’t guarantee that your car won’t be stolen, but the goal of these protections is to make the thief believe that the risks of trying to steal the car outweigh the rewards.
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